Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's called a deadline

You know things are not as they should be
when your 10 year old can no longer fit into his
pants and you didn't notice.
Just last night Jack said, "All my pants are too small."
And I scoffed at him and said, "I cannot believe none of your pants fit."
So I made him do a fashion show of all of his too small pants.
And it wasn't that they didn't just fit it was more like he was
trying on clothes for a Lilliputian.
And I thought, how could all his pants fit last week and this week
his jeans look like knickers?
And then I thought, sadly, things go by the wayside when I am on deadline.
Things like pants that fit and good nutrition and bathing.
I walked into my house this afternoon and smelled "boy".
Smelly socks, ripe fruit and a hint of bathroom.
I felt a little gag coming on so I lit some candles.
Tonight is my last night to finish my manuscript before I send it off
to my editor.
We all are ready for it. Me. Scott. And my kids.
Addie wanted to cuddle with me last night and I said,
"I would love to cuddle but I have to finish writing."
He looked at me with a look that said, "And you call yourself a good mother?"
At the moment? Not so much.
So I am off to finish the manuscript so that my children will once again
look at me with love and affection and so I can eradicate the warm cheese
scent I have going on in my house.
And from the smell of things, that can't be soon enough.


emilymr said...

I know where you're coming from!! Nothing like two (ha) months of saying "No, I can't play trains with you, I have to Work On The Book."

Although my manuscript is done, and my boys are still stinky.

susanna said...

Good to know that we are not alone in our writing mess, isn't it, Emily? I'm glad at least one of us is done! :) And I'm thinking of investing in nose plugs. :)

timothy said...

love this post...... i can just imagine the smell. nothing says help like a smelly boy!