Wednesday, April 20, 2011

it just keeps getting better

It seems that spring is upon us here in Redwood City.
The trees are budding. Flowers are beginning to bloom.
Pollen is wafting on the air causing copious amounts of tissue use.
My 5 year old, Addison, is at the mercy of the pollen.
His eyes itch, he sneezes like crazy
and he snores like my Grandpa Blakeley used to
(so loud he wakes himself up) when he tries to sleep at night.
His eczema has started to flair up, cracking his skin and he is,
in short, miserable.
So we went to the doctor. And he gave us no less than five treatments
for Addison to use daily...allergy overkill.
But Addie was excited...he thinks medicine is like liquid candy.
We decided to go Taco Bell while we waited for his prescriptions
Taco Bell is Addison's idea of fine dining.
He was thrilled.
As we were in the car, he started talking about our weekend and
Addie was saying that he was sad that his cousin Drew (17 mos)
only comes over on Sundays for church and not other days.
To which I answered him, "Guess what? Drew is coming over this afternoon!"
Addison could not contain himself any longer, he burst forth in joy,
"This is the best day ever!
I get medicine, soda, a chicken quesadilla and Drew!"
Clearly, one can not top a day of allergy relief, fast food and
a visit from a cousin.
His simple joy was contagious.
I joined in with him with a whoop of delight.
Who can fathom what the rest of spring can hold for us?
It just keeps getting better and better.


danielle said...

What a joy! My daughter too gets eczema (around her eyes) at this time of the year. We have found that plain old coconut oil really helps out (and is not dangerous to use near the eyes). Maybe it can help Addie too- it will also make him smell nice- always a pluss

Peny Ruth Jessica Damanik said...

this blog is so super :) i'm glad to know there are so many girl and woman who face their fear or problems strongly and i'm so impressed with that girl's power :D

i'm just googling and find out that camomile and rosemary are good to cure eczeme :D

maybe you can try it :)

God bless!

pamelitarose said...

Yay! The joys of spring...and life through the eyes of a child. Simple. Grand. :)

susanna said...

Thanks so much for the eczema tips! I will be trying them out! :)