Monday, June 13, 2011

the state of my eyebrows

For some reason, I never learned to pluck my eyebrows.
I'm thinking someone should have sat me down in high school and said,
"You have some issues with your brows...
let me help you take care of them."
But I was well into my 20s before I thought,
"Wow, my eyebrows are taking on a life of their own...
and not in a good way."
So I began to have a non-committal relationship to eye brow plucking.
We were very on again/ off again, eyebrow plucking and me.
Which is sad for Scott since he notices unruly brows.
This causes some marital strife.
Because when life gets stressful my eyebrows bear the brunt of it.
When life is coming at me fast and hard, it is all I can do to breathe,
let alone focus on an errant brow line.
But I think this should actually help my marriage.
Scott should be able to look at my eyebrows and recognize my mental state.
A Nice Trim brow: Sue is doing well.
An overblown Brooke Shields brow: Sue is a little wild but still managing.
Frida Kahlo: Call Sue's's time for an intervention.
These last few weeks of editing, last school days, and Scott's being out of town?
I may or may not have looked like Albert Einstein.
But we are finally coasting into the beginning of summer and things
are settling down.
So I finally took a moment to get my brows into shape the other day.
Scott smiled when he saw me come through the door.
I've have a nice arch to my brow going
and it seems my marriage is on the upswing.
Summer is looking up, girls, it really is.


Tracy said...

Oh, boy! Can I relate to this one, or what?! Thanks for the chuckle!

Kecia said...

Ha! It took me getting to my 30s and watching "What Not to Wear" before I started plucking...

Cynthia said...

Oh no, not me, I know better. I let people of the more gifted persuasion deal with my "Freida's", otherwise I would have to become a talented artist with one of those pencil things and knowing me I would forget to draw my brows on most mornings. Good for you, interesting litmus test,Lol.