Monday, September 19, 2011

go into all the world...even your own back yard

Yesterday some kids came over to the house to play with the boys.
I sent them all back into the back yard as I
whipped up one last batch of summer jam.
A few minutes later,
Will came into the kitchen with a look of concern on his face.
"Mom, Madison said she doesn't believe in God."
I turned from my jam to look at him.
"Oh, man. Will, I know it is hard to understand but a lot
of people don't believe in God."
"But most of my friends believe in God, Mom."
I told him that I have friends that don't believe in God, too,
and more than anything I want them all to know him.
Will went back outside. A few minutes later, Jack came in.
"Mom, Will is talking crazy outside."
"It's okay for Will to talk to Madison about God, Jack."
"No, Mom. Will just told her if she doesn't believe that she is going to Hell."
Sweet mercy. Did I mention this is the first time that these children
had come over to play?
I may have had a heart palpation or two thinking about
the conversation that would ensue with Madison's mom over this visit.
At this point, I felt there needed to be some intervention.
Maybe a little jam break with a side of grace.
I called the kids in to taste the jam.
There was a great appreciation for its sweetness.
After the jam spoons were collected and the kids went back
outside to play, I called Will over.
"Will, Jack said you told Madison she is going to Hell.
Now this is the thing, it's so important to let your friends
know how much God loves them..."
"But Mom," he interrupted,"I just really want all my friends
to go to Heaven. I want to be able to see them there."
Now, people, this shamed me a little.
To see Will's young face, upturned, longing to make sure he takes
his friends with him when he goes.
It makes me think that I have grown a bit complacent
and lackadaisical in my fervor to share the good news with my friends that,
God loves them like crazy and wants them to be with him forever.
I almost told Will,"You go back out there with your hell talk
and bring her on home."
Instead, I hugged him and told him that I love that he loves his
friends so much.
Yesterday Will's words had me musing my own approach
to sharing Jesus with my friends.
So today I am praying that God will give me words
and grace and moments in my day to talk with my friends,
that I love so much, about the one who loves them most and best.
And mostly, I am going to pray that he gives me a heart like Will.
A heart that loves people enough to lay out the truth,
so that when I leave this earth and finally get to see Jesus,
I will be having a party with all my friends.


Loren said...

No wonder Jesus says "Let the children come to HIM and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them"

Beautiful post! You have done a wonderful job teaching Will .... His heart is full of love for Gods people and with your added grace and continued instruction he will no doubt continue to plant those seeds to the lost!

Thankful to have learned myself from Will today!

Laura said...

This is so beautiful! What a dear boy you have. And what an important lesson for me. I have a friend at work that I've been trying to share Jesus with and I always stumble around. I just can't lose sight of what is at stake...seeing her in heaven!