Sunday, September 25, 2011

the speed of life

It seems like we are settling into the dailiness of school.
Homework, lunches....lost homework...forgotten lunches.
You know, the norm.
Before we know it we will be knee high in
Christmas decorations and the new year will be upon us.
Because somehow in these last few years, time has increased its pace.
Winging through seasons. Flying past holidays. Leaping over birthdays.
I remember when the boys were babies and I was sleep deprived
and hopped up on coffee sometimes one morning could feel like
a whole year dragging out in its endless feedings, diaper changes,
and piles of laundry.
I remember someone telling me,
"Hold on to these times...Enjoy these little ones. It goes by in a flash."
Of course, I don't remember who it was who told me that
 because I was sleep deprived and hopped up on coffee.
This morning, when the sky was still dark, Jack came into the room.
"Mom, can I get in bed with you?"
I mumbled something incoherent.
He got in.
A few minutes later, Will trotted in,
"Can I sleep in here, too?"
He took the foot of the bed, stretching out the length of him, long and lean.
It wasn't long before, I felt a small body wedging itself between Jack and
me...the baby never asks permission.
Addie feels sleeping with Mom and Dad is his right.
For just a few moments, time slowed down.
In the warmth of drowsy boys and the darkness of a cloudy sky it
was quiet. Peaceful.
And I remembered that advice of the wise forgotten sage of my early
mothering years.
So....I enjoyed it.


Laura said...

Oh...such valuable , true words! My babies are now nearly 28 and 25 and I often hear my dad saying, "Where did it all go?" Drink deeply of this precious time!

Shane said...

That was cool. I wanted Max to hurry up and get to Kindergarten so they could all be in the same school. Now they can slow down.

Niki Nick said...

I am only 24 but I can relate to you completely!! I swear that I graduated from high school two weeks ago…not 6 years ago. It seems like it took forever to grow up, but once you graduate high school time life goes into overdrive making up for the slow childhood years. It also doesn’t help having a little one…watching someone grow up makes you realize how fast your life is going by….i wish I could make my son stop growing…I would he could go back to being a baby for a few more years….I am not ready for him to be two.. 

Cynthia said...

I think because I have five children I am able to see even more clearly how fleeting those precious moments are. While I am holding my precious 11 year-old Ben, I am longing to hold his amazing older brother Travis too, but he is far from home in the Marine Corps. It seems like just a minute ago HE was 11! sigh. His Sister is living in Japan, Oh do I miss my daughter. It is a reminder to treasure every moment with the ones left at home. If I could I would snuggle them ALL in my bed :o)