Monday, October 10, 2011

maybe i should try harder....

This morning was a blur.
A rush of wrinkled school uniforms and re-heated pumpkin pancakes.
Somehow I didn't hear my alarm.
But we managed.
3 boys. 3 pairs of pants. 3 polo shirts. 3 backpacks.
3 lunches made. 3 sets of brushed teeth (fingers crossed at the accuracy of brushing.)
And we were ready.
Until Jack reminded me it was Crazy Hair Day at school.
Oh, Spirit week, how you sneak up on us unsuspecting parents.
So I whipped out the golden highlight hair spray (don't ask why I have it) and
spiked Jacks hair into a mass of glittery peaks.
Addie got pomade and a wickedly cute faux hawk.
And Will.....Will's curly mass of hair did its own thing.
We slicked back his bangs and puffed out the sides and Jack declared him,
"Princess Leia".
Which did not go over well. And prompted Will to revert back to his
normal crazy hairstyle of surfer-esque blonde curls.
And we were off.
Done. In the car. Arrived at school on time.....
For Pajama Day.
I guess I should have actually checked the Spirit Week sheet
before coiffuring all my kids.
Hopefully, they are easy-going enough to enjoy their spectacular
hair while everyone else is sporting footy pajamas.
But just know this, if it happens to be Crazy Hair Day tomorrow,
I'm all over it.
Just as soon as I replenish the golden highlight hair spray.


Shane said...

"For pajama day." Hilarious!

Erica said...

HAHAHAHA! I love this...sounds like something I would do. We might be related.

BARBIE said...

Oh no! I totally would do something like this!