Thursday, October 13, 2011

pre-prayer-ed as it were

Scott loves to emulate holiness preachers
with their catchy rhyming sayings when he is prepping messages at home.
This is, I think, because his inner rapper is still clammoring to get out.
Even though his collegiate rap ministry came to an end,
you just can't keep that kind of rhyming giftedness at bay for long.
And so the catchy slogans flow....such as....

Don't go, yo' way. Go Yahweh.
'Cuz when Yahweh is yo' way,
It's okay.

Or our favorite....

You're not prepared
Because you haven't pre-prayered.

And this is what has been eating at me lately.
My lack of pre-prayered-ness.
It is if the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in my head,
reminding me....relentlessly, mind you, that nothing is going
to shift in my life or my family's lives, or my friend's lives,
or our church or our community or our nation or this world for that matter,
if I am not talking to God about it.

Inviting him into the mess of my world.
Waiting on his answers.
Resting in his abilities.
Telling him who he is in his immense knowledge
and reminding him that I've got nothing down here.
Giving him my full attention.

In a sense, I feel like he is calling me out.
Because my attention span is shot.
I start praying and I end up making a grocery list for potato soup.
I begin a journal entry and come up with 3 different children
stories that are wating to be written.
I put my head down to pray and wake up 10 minutes later
from a much needed yet prayer-less nap.

I'll let you in on a secret.
Intercession, spiritual warfare, waiting on the Lord,
call it what you will, is not my gifting.
Passion for chocolate would be a gift of mine but
that doesn't seem to carry much weight in the heavenlies.

But this is the thing.
I believe Jesus can change me.
I have pinned my life to that great hope.
He has saved me and in turn, continues on a daily basis
to save me from myself and re-new me with his power.
And so the first thing I will praying about today is that
he will help me pray.
A bit redundant? Maybe.
But I think He will.

And if by chance, you, too, struggle when it comes
to getting on your face and talking with the one who
loves you best,
don't hesitate to join me in the prayer for divine assistance
in the area of prayer .
He can help you, too.

It brings to mind a new catchy slogan....
(Scott would be proud.)

My prayer is that He will make me a pray-er.

Can I get an amen?


Sheila said...

AMEN! I just was on a plane home to my kids, feeling panicky realizing the lack of prayers I had said for my mom, who was watching my children, for my children while I was away and for my husband and I as we traveled. SHEESH I absolutely was not pre-prayered. But God was faithful, he brought us home safely to our kids who were none the worse for wear and neither was gramma, now the dog on the other hand.....that's another story. Thanks for your honest. hugs!

pamelitarose said...

Yo, preach it girlfriend. I hear and receive, and identify with every word you said (except my husband never had a rap band, though his has recently rapped at church as part of the weekend worship...yes, white men can rap). Anyways, I too will say a prayer to be a better pray-er.

Sharon said...

so...this morning as I was rushing around apologizing to God that I didn't have time to stop and pray, I did a quick look at the verse for the day. This is what I read:

“Don't live any longer the way this world lives. Let your way of thinking be completely changed. Then you will be able to test what God wants for you. And you will agree that what he wants is right. His plan is good and pleasing and perfect.” Romans 12:2 NIRV

...and realized, once again, that my way of thinking needs to be completely changed. I SO need to learn to give every thought to Him.
Thanks for sharing, I too, start grocery lists while "praying"

sister sheri said...


Jekissa said...

I think this deserves not only an "Amen" but also a "WORD!" :) I love being encouraged by your honesty and humor. When are you coming to Modesto again? -Jess