Sunday, October 23, 2011


This morning I am sitting at the granite island in the middle of my sister, Erica's kitchen.
She is making pumpkin muffins.
Jenny is sitting next to me eating greek yogurt and strawberry freezer jam.
The coffee is brewing in the pot.
Erica's earl grey tea is cooling at her elbow.
Here we are.
3 sisters. Together.
It is a rarity. And a beautiful thing.
Between us we have 8 children who attend 4 different schools,
3 pastor husbands, 2 church calendars,
3 careers,
(HR project associate, jewelry designer, writer (with a variety of odd jobs on the side),
and as of yet, no pets
(from my lips to God's ears, please don't let that change.)
Orchestrating a visit between the three of us
takes an aligning of the planets.
Apparently, that came to pass.
And there is a goodness in the air.
A sweetness to our time together and a good amount of joy
that is present.
We do enjoy a good laugh.
We are smart enough to know we have to soak it up
when it comes our way.
We have shopped and seen a movie
and gone for a long walk along the Willamette River path,
we have drank a lot of hot beverages...a lot.
And we have talked.
And talked.
that has been the best part of all.
To sit with each other and listen and laugh and encourage each other.
We've known each other for so long
and we like each other so much....there is always a lot to talk about.
And so we are going to keep soaking...we have a day and a half left.
It has by gone too fast.
Way too fast.
But the pumpkin muffins are coming out of the oven so
the goodness and joy are still here in abundance.
Sometimes life is sweet.
And clearly, sisters make it sweeter.


Randi said...

I don't know how you manage to get three schedules to align. My sister and I have a hard enough time with just trying to get ourselves some sister time! And God has been good to us this year, we've managed to see each other 5 times this year! I think that's more than the past five years put together. We managed to talk, talk, and talk some more. Enjoy!

susanna said...

We did, Randi! But it always goes by too fast! :)