Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sometimes joy is found in unassuming places

Tonight the house is quiet.
Of course, it is 10:24 p.m.
Sometimes it takes a long time for this house to be quiet.
The children were wound up like energizer bunnies after
a long day at school and a children's event at the library.
I am looking forward to climbing into bed with the pattering of the rain
against the window,
the sound of the fan stirring the air and the weight of the comforter
wrapped around me.
Sometimes it is life's simplest pleasures that bring me joy.
Talking with Scott about the days doings.
Laughing about the wildness of our children.
(or despairing over it...it depends on the day.)
Sipping a cold glass of water beaded with condensation.
Eating at least 3 squares of dark chocolate.
Stretching out on the couch.
Seeing an empty laundry basket. (God is good.)
Chatting on the phone with my sisters.
Finding quarters in the dryer. (Finders keepers, losers weepers....)
Taking out allergy dry contacts and putting on my trusty glasses.
Reading frivolous fiction.
 (Crocodile on the Sandbank, an Amelia Peabody mystery, is the latest choice.)
Ruminating over non-frivolous non-fiction.
 (E.M. Bounds on prayer is till just kicking my bootie...even just
typing that out, I am thinking E.M. Bounds may not have resonated with the
phrase "kicking my bootie" but the man just doesn't let up.
He is relentless in his argument for prayer and his words are
making me think and repent and think again.)
Filling the coffee pot and prepping it for when I wake up tomorrow.
Putting on my pjs... ..with the elastic waist band shorts.
(to quote Nacho Libre...sometimes we just need some stretchy pants...
or stretchy shorts for that matter.)
Kissing my boys on sleep smooth foreheads just one last time before
I head to bed.
You know....joy.
I will take it where I can get it.
Comfy bed...here I come!

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taratalkstoomuch said...

Sue, isn't great how sometimes we get just enough joy? You and I are on the same wavelength this week!

Three boys, no wonder we stand at risk of making an idol out of our bed....