Tuesday, November 22, 2011

holy days

It is amazing  how quickly the holidays come on.
Halloween...Thanksgiving...Christmas and New Years all seem to snowball
one into the other.
Even moreso now that the retailers have decided to decorate
for 3 holidays at once...
Pumpkin reindeer baby New Year, anyone?
No? Me either.
Scott and I like to tuck our birthdays and anniversary into
this frantic time of year as well...to add to the melee.
But it is still my favorite time of year.
Because of the hint of good will hanging in the air.
Because so many things are covered in chocolate.
Because families remember to spend time together.
And people give out more presents than usual.
There is an abundance of succulent food and pies.
And there is an expectation of kindness that requnires us to
think of others rather than ourselves.
Blessing counting and prayers of thanks are encouraged.
No one judges you when you take seconds of dessert.
Friends come around more.
Half off sales abound.  And who doesn't love a good sale?
I love it because people sing more often.
We have started practicing songs in Sunday School
for our kids to sing in big church.
Last night, my two year old nephew, Drew,
showed his mom what he had learned.
He knew quite a few of the motions to Away in the Manger.
My favorite motion he made was the sign for
"The stars in the sky".
Instead of making starburst signs in the air with his hands for the stars,
he poked both pointer fingers up in the air to the heavens,
performing a holy sort of disco.
It made you look up.
I think Drew has it right. Take your finger and point it up to the sky.
That upward glance of the eyes seems to drag the heart with it.
The soul of the holiday season begins in the heavens.
Because God chose to come to earth....we are thankful.
Because he gave of himself so freely...we give.
Because he offers new life, each morning, each month, each year,
is an invitation to chase after him one more time...
to embrace a new birth, a new life in him.
That is why I love this time of year.
Gratefulness. Hope. New beginnings.
Bring it on.


lyndabyrd said...

Bring it on! Well said,Sue! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

Semisane Mind said...

Loved this post! Bring it on indeed.

Shoelady said...

Amen, Sue.

Belle said...

Beautiful! I love this time of year too. God bless and have a lovely Thanksgiving.

susanna said...

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!