Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i blame eve giveaway...

I forgot to mention one other thing that I blame Eve for....
I did my bills this morning and it sucked the joy right out of my morning.
It may or may not have led me to suck the joy out of Scott's morning,
as he heard me lamenting the wide variety of bills coming due.
And I think that surely....Eve is to blame.
Before the fall there was no such thing as currency.
Here are some others things I blame Eve for....

Share this photo on your blog or your facebook page or tweet about it
 along with something you blame Eve for 
and  copy the link and your name in the comments here
 for a chance to win your own copy of I Blame Eve.
Re-post as many times as you want for more chances to win.

Winners will be chosen and announced on June 30.

 There will be 5 winners!

What do you blame Eve for?

Tax day?
Toe nail fungus?

Post the picture and let me know!


Meg said...

Labor pain. Vomit.

Unknown said...

Amy Stierwalt

I left it on my FB! https://www.facebook.com/amy.stierwalt

I blame Eve for the high gas prices in AK right now!

Aly said...

Dang that is a good looking graphic!! :-)
I pinned it!!

susanna said...

Love it, Aly! Share with your friends on fb....so they can pass it on! :)

Kara Nichelle said...


And I pinned it =)

Kara Nichelle said:

Apathy, Dust accumulating on the shelf you just cleaned yesterday, Cleaning the toilet, Hurtful words disguised with religion to make it sound good, and Religion instead of relationship.

apriljanetjones said...

I blame Eve (or whomever would have followed her had she not bitten the apple)...

* Flies in the kitchen

* Pious parents

* Food that is in a perpetual state of spoiling

* Insecure Christians

* Permanent marker, crayon and sticker stains

and such!!

Nikki Harris said...

http://www.facebook.com/nkkilharris I blame Eve for thick thighs, bad hairs days and kids who don't listen!

Rach said...


I blame eve for sunburns!

apriljanetjones said...

Oh and I SHARED the picture on my fb page! Ü

Tracy said...

I blame Eve for household tasks such as ironing and vacuuming. (Not that I do either of those things very often!)

I put the photo on my Facebook page (along with the above comment) -- also shared the link in case any of my friends wanted to enter the giveaway contest!


Tracy said...

I just did a blog post about things I blame Eve for... and I included the graphic. :)

Here's the link to my post:

Tracy said...

I just pinned it!

... and I included sinus infections and my kitty's hairballs!

Tracy said...

... and I just shared my PIN on Twitter!

(Can you tell that I would LOVE to have a copy of "I Blame Eve"?)


susanna said...

I love you enthusiasm, Traci! :)Fantastic!

Rebecca said...

Shared on my FB timeline. I blame Eve for dust bunnies!

Rebecca said...

Oops here is the FB link: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.shoemakernarayana

annabeth said...

I blame Eve for mounds of laundry. Did she have to insist on style?