Thursday, July 12, 2012

17 things your children think when you get in the shower

1. Mom wishes I was in the bathroom with her.
2. Mom forgot to leave the door unlocked.
3. I should pound on the door until she unlocks the door.
4. She must not hear me. I should yell at her through the crack under the door.
5. She is yelling something back. I can't understand her. She must be saying,
"I wish you were in here with me." I better yell louder.
6. Maybe she wants me to sing her a song.
 I am going to pound out the beat to Carly Rae Jepsen's song
"Call Me Maybe"  on the door with her tennis shoes.
7. Mom loves a good tune.
8. I think I hear her crying. She cries when she's happy.
9. This is a good time to eat the Snickers bar that Mom has been hiding in her purse
all week.
10. I should stick all my paper airplanes under the crack in the door.
11. My little brother just walked by me. It would be fun to punch him in the neck.
12. My little brother cries a lot.
13. I should probably write a note on the door in case Mom comes out and I am not here.
14. I love purple.
15. The shower just turned off.
16. Mom is unlocking the door. She is probably sad that she didn't unlock it earlier.
17. Mom is mad a lot. She needs to try and relax more.


Faith-Dawn said...

Sue- I literally cried on the toilet yesterday. Okay, TMI but I truly did! I was thinking, really guys? Is no place sacred! It's a relief to know its not just my children that insist on invading every inch of my personal space. My favorite part was the punching brother in neck. A long hot shower is like a trade off. I know there will be a screaming ball of disaster and lots of "It wasn't my faults" when I get out. And sometimes i question is cleanness really with it?

Keep keeping it real my friend.

pamelitarose said...


Beth said...

Sue, I thank God that you write:)
When I read this I laughed so hard I was crying!! So good! I love you, Beth

susanna said...

Faith! I have been there. I love that you are keeping it real. Pamela - thanks for laughing with me! Beth Alyse - I love you back - you know that we have to laugh when it is so crazy!