Saturday, October 20, 2012


My good friend, Shelly, has been fighting ovarian cancer
for a year.
It has been a hard long year and she has fought hard and long.
And we have prayed hard and long that she would be healed.
Because we know that God can do this.
But it seems that it looks like He has decided to heal her in his presence.
That her health will be restored as she gets to put on a new body.
The kind we are all meant to have.
So my friend, Shelly, is standing on the cusp of heaven.
And we....we are not ready to let her go.
I have told God repeatedly that her husband, Ben and her three kids,
need more years of Shelly. I prayed for 40 more years to be exact.
And I have mentioned to God a time or 30 that I really really
am upset that He is not going with my plan for Shelly's life.
I take my cue's from King David - he laid out his heart before the Lord
and God was okay with that.
So that being said. I know that Jesus loves her best of all.
So I am going to keep talking to him about her.
And asking him to wrap his Holy Spirit, the great comforter,
around Ben and the kiddos in these coming days.
And to keep Shelly so close that there will not be anxiety or fear
but an overwhelming peace covering her like a quilt.
I'm praying that the pain and suffering of cancer will ease and
the grace and mercy will fill its place.
I am praying that her moments here will be full of love and family
and prayers and hugs.
If you could pray that with me, I would be so grateful.
Because....the thing is...I love that girl.


lyndabyrd said...

amen, I love her too. such a mix of feelings during these times. God knows best and he has numbered our days and how ever many days she has I too pray they are peaceful, pain free and very special for her and her family.

Shane Couch said...

I am broken hearted. We have prayed and begged God to heal her, I don't understand why she can't stay her for her husband and those precious kids, but that's when trust needs to kick in. Got my Shelly bracelet on right now.

MomInTraining said...

I've been praying ever since I heard about her story the first time... I will continue to pray. <3

Tara said...

Susanna, as I read your blog this morning tears are streaming down my face as I had a very similar conversation with the Lord this morning. Thank you for sharing your very personal conversation with us all! I sit here now looking at my Shelly bracelet as I gently touch it I am reminded and I pray and continue to pray.

Kerri Brodehl said...

I don't know Shelly, but have seen your love for her through your posts and prayers this past year. Even though I have never met her, I imagine her to be a wonderful woman of God to have a friend like you who loves her so very much. I have prayed for her (and her family and friends) through this journey and even though her life on earth is ending, I pray that her life will have a living impact on those still here on Earth.