Friday, November 2, 2012

700th post giveaway

It seems crazy to me that I have been writing this blog for 5 1/2 years.
Were has the time gone? I don't know.
In some ways this blog has been about beating back the creeping dementia
of motherhood....a chronicling of life and its joys and sorrows so
that I can actually remember them.
(the earliest of those 5 years I call the "lost years"....
I know they happened...I just can't place them.)
It has also been a touch point. A way to connect with the outside world
with other tired supergirls (and superguys)
when I have been pinned down under copious amounts of laundry and
the business of family living and unable to engage.
(You should know that every time you leave a comment
 it has re-affirmed the fact that I am not alone even when I couldn't
see my way clear past the dishes in the sink.)
And then there is the part where it has a been a personal devotional...
a place where I could mark the things that God has wrought in me...
the questions....the struggles...the blessings that He has poured out on me.
Basically, this blog has been my life laid out on the page inviting
all comers to join me in this crazy journey.
And I have been thrilled to have more people than just my mom and sisters
that have joined me here (not that I don't love my mom and sisters -
they are the best but I make them read the blog 
and that doesn't really count).
You have encouraged me to no end with your kind words, your affirmation
that "yes, life is crazy nuts but you are right there in it with me" and
that I am not alone on this path of following the One who loves us best.
So all that to say.....thanks. :)
Because I like you a lot.
And to say that if you would like to sign up for a giveaway for a new devotional
coming out that I would like to send it to you.
I was honored to be asked by Guideposts to be one of a group of writers
to contribute to their Mornings with Jesus devotional for 2013.

In honor of the 700th post of this blog I'm giving away 3 copies.
Just put your name and e-mail below 
and I will announce the winner next Friday.
And once again, thanks for being on this ride with me. The more the merrier I always say.


Emily Real said...

Awesome! :)


Brittany said...

Brittany Ibarra

Randi said...

Thank you, for being willing to share encouragement and sorrows and to let us know we are not alone in our journey.

Randi S:

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staceyt said...

Love you Susanna!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

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TEllison said...

Tonya Ellison

Diane Aispuro said...


Diane Aispuro

Diane Aispuro said...
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Beth Ingersoll said...

Sweet of you to share :-)

Beth Ingersoll

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Unknown said...

paula Davis

Patty Martin said...

I LOVE reading your blog, makes me feel like I am less crazy when I read that you too feel some of the things that I feel inside!! I'd LOVE to have one of those devotions w/ Jesus books for 2013! CONGRATS on being selected to be one of its writers!! YAY for you! Love from Patty

Kristine said...

Thanks for faithfully sharing from your heart.

Gramma49 said...

Thank you for the ministry of your blog. I have been encouraged often with the truths you share.

Carol Campbell

pamelitarose said...

Thank you for sharing humor, poignant thoughts, insightful observations, and crazy them all! The idea you will have chronicled life's happenings for posterity (or just your own lapses in memory!) is fabulous. Thanks for sharing!!

ronda said...

Thanks for blessing us with your blog.


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DewMom said...

Thanks for the opportunity!!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Happy 700th!

Juarez Family said...

I want one!

Juarez Family said...

Oops, forgot to leave email address:

Unknown said...
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Anna said...

Thank you!

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