Wednesday, December 26, 2012

my new year un-resolutions

I woke up this morning thinking of a million things that
need to be done before we go see my family in Colorado this week.
Okay. Not a million.
But at least 11.
I was anxious and frustrated before my feet even hit the floor.
I have had the thought that it might be nice let myself off the hook
on occasion.
You know, let go of the things that really don't matter in the least
so that I can actually enjoy the good life that I have.
So here is a list of 7 things I will NOT be doing in the new year.
1. No Christmas cards this year (I know that Christmas was yesterday...
but I was still ramping up in my mind thinking that maybe this could still
happen - some sort of New Years-ish espistle. Nope. Not this year.
2. I won't sew all the decorative buttons back on our duvet that I
have collected faithfully as they continue to fall off.
It looks fine without them.
3. I won't ask my kids to clean their rooms every day.
My spleen has felt like it will burst from the stress of this endeavor.
Once a week is good enough.
4. I won't be matching socks any time soon. They do just fine in the sock basket.
Besides sorting is a good cognitive exercise for the children.
5. I won't compare myself to the people I love and admire.
I will simply love and admire them. This is better for all involved.
6. I won't be afraid of making myself look silly. I'm pretty good at it.
I should try and enjoy it. Others do.
7, I won't worry about the dark spots that are showing up on my face.
I will be referring to them as freckles from here on out.
Unresolutions are so much easier to accomplish.
I feel better already.


melpbaby said...

I feel better already reading this. I shall do the same.

Lori Riffe said...

Perfect! What a great way to let go of unnecessary stress!

sister sheri said...


Lori said...

Love this! I've decided not to ask my 12 year old son to clean his room. I figure when he's ready or it's bad enough, he'll want to clean it right? Here's hoping.