Thursday, January 17, 2013

i'm not a great sports mom

These past three months both Jack and Will have been playing basketball.
This has been three months of daily practices and dual games.
I haven't seen this much basketball since my brother, Chris, got access
to ESPN in high school.
I have developed a sports soon as one of my sons steps
out on the court a great nervous energy begins to eat away at my insides.
I find myself wanting to stare at the gym floor or watch the clock rather than
watching the children play.
And then of course I yell things out. Because I have no control over myself.
The children have pleaded with me, "Mom, please be quiet."
There is a great well of longing in their eyes.
But apparently, even though I am nervous, I am highly invested in what goes
on on the court and I must give a running commentary.
I yell out things like, "Get your rebounds!" and "Nice try!" and "Pay attention!"
When things go poorly I have been known to say things like,
"Oh...Oh....Oh....Oh....Oh....oh no."
And of course, there is a lot of raw emotion when one of the players is
trying so desperately to do well and he can't and I give a resounding,
"Oh, bless his heart."
Scott told me during one game,
"Stop blessing his heart...his mom is sitting right over there. She can hear you."
I also cheer loudly. According to Addison, I am loud clapper when things go well.
"Mom, you are hurting my ears."  I told him he can find another seat if my
joy is too loud for him.
I think the boys are glad that the season is over.
Scott was joking with them the other day about me.
"What else do you hear mom say when you are on the court?"
Jack piped up with, "Sweet mercy!" and Will followed with
"Oh, help him, help him!"
Clearly, I need a more relaxing way to spend my afternoons.
I think I'll encourage the boys to take up cross-stitch.


Shoelady said...

Ellie just started playing, I wanted to clobber a dad at the first game. I may have BAS (Basketball Anxiety Syndrome), I feel faint on the bleachers. LOL Glad the season is over for you!

susanna said...

I love it, Donna!I definitely had BAS! I bet Ellie is going to do great! Bless her heart! :)

Beth Ingersoll said...

My youngest boys play basketball and baseball, so we're pretty much on a court or field year-round. Sometimes I get wound up, but I try not to all that often. I would be highly likely to shout out something like "He was SAFE!" when it was clear to everyone else at the game that he was out.

Janis said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, enjoying your posts. I'd like to invite you, as a sports mom, to check out mine. I've been a sports mom for 20 years and a coach's wife for 28, got lots of years of mistakes, victories, lessons learned....all three of my kids played and are still playing college sports. If you have a few minutes, check out Have a great day!

susanna said...

Beth, I love that you stick up for your kid yelling he is safe...I would be right there with you! :) Janis, I will totally check out your blog. I feel I have a lot to learn from you! :)