Friday, March 15, 2013

you, too, can torment your a good way

Just this morning when Jack walked into the kitchen for breakfast
I said, "Are you ready for the happy morning dance?"
"Happy morning! Happy morning! Happy Morning! Dance! Dance!"
I accompanied my impromptu song with an equally impromptu jig.
Jack covered both eyes with his hands. "Mom...stop."
I was filled with joy. And laughter.
Will walked in.
"Will, do you want to see my happy morning dance?"
I started up with the song and dance.
"Cover your eyes. Don't look at her." Jack instructed his brother.
They escaped to the living room.
Standing in the kitchen door, I said, "Don't any of you want to see my dance?"
All three boys said, "No."
"That's too bad. I was going to give you points for watching my dance."
The boys earn points for chores and good listening that they can redeem
at the end of the week.
"Yes! We'll watch it!" How quickly they changed their tune.
"Too little too late!" I told them. "Maybe next time."
I danced backed into the kitchen.
Happy morning! Happy morning! Happy morning! Dance! Dance!
You should try it sometime. It really did make my morning happy.
And make sure to throw in the running man while you are at it.
It's a real crowd pleaser.


Lori Riffe said...

I love this! Bahahahaahhahhaaa!

pamelitarose said...

I will try it this week with my teenager who is so not a morning person and her dad (okay, he's my husband too) who is not a morning person either. My 8 yr old son & I usually wait with our happy morning smiles subdued until the two grumpy heads have gone.but this week we will not hold back. I'll let you know the results. ;)

smiles!!! :/ said...

Love it!!!:). slowly getting to the point I'm embarrassing my 9 year old daughter in public!! Hee hee..."she like really mom??!!". But she will remember the Times we acted like fools smiled laughed & danced!! You only live once!!! Make it a happy dance!!:)