Friday, May 31, 2013

we are pretty much delirious at this point

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions.
Scared. Anxious. Happy. Euphoric.
The fact that Mom survived her heart attack is enough to send us over
the moon with joy.
We can't stop thanking God for this miracle of life!
I have been telling people I don't know, "My mom died and now she is alive!
She is a miracle!"
They are not sure quite what to do with me.
They nod and smile and back away.
I want to give them hugs, too, but I can tell that would freak them out.
Mom is in rehab recovering her strength.
And we are trying to regain our equilibrium.
A week of sleep depravity, let alone dealing with a life and death situation,
is enough to make anyone a little loopy.
We just keep crying. Whenever I see someone who prayed for my mom, I cry.
Each time I talk to my friends on the phone, I cry.
Yesterday, Jack found me kneeling next to my bed with my head down, crying,
and said,
"Mom, are you ok?"
"Yes....I'll be fine...I'm just so emotional."
Jack patted my back and said, "Mom, you've been pretty emotional this whole year."
Ah, yes. The emotions. They have been ever present this year.
This week? Well, it has been completely shot. Good luck trying to get me to accomplish anything.
I can barely remember my name at this point.
I flew back home on Monday. Will's birthday party is tomorrow.
My friend, Jenn, texted me yesterday and said,"Are you bringing snacks for Will's school party?"
Snacks? Party? I texted back, "I forgot he had a school party."
At this point, the fact that the children are making it to school fully dressed is an act of God.
I am getting ready to fly back to Colorado on Sunday to help take care of Mom.
Scott told me this last week while I was gone that the dishes fairy, the cooking fairy and
the laundry fairy were remarkably absent. Go figure.
Please say a prayer for the children.
I am pretty certain they will be wearing the same pair of underwear all week long.
Even so, I am going with it. Judge me if you must.
But in two days, I get to kiss my mom again.
And that is enough to make me deliriously happy.


Lori Riffe said...

God is still there with you during these sorts of times. And he is so full of grace. Dirty underwear and all.

The Bashful Nest said...

God is good, so happy your mom is doing well. No matter how old we are it is always good to have our Moms.


susanna said...

Thanks, Lori! God is SO good and does have so much grace for us...I am thankful. And Michelle, you are absolutely right! It is always good to have our moms!

pamela maddox said...

Amazing gift God has given your family...more time with your mom! What joy devine and sweet peace. I say "thank you, thank you, thank you" as well.