Wednesday, June 26, 2013

what we really need is more gelato

This is the conversation that my cousin Beth and I had the other day.
There is a new gelato place in Napa. And she would like to have some every day.
I told her, "You should have gelato every day."
Because mostly she eats organic fruit and vegetables. And runs miles and miles.
And works out. A lot.
She is my hero. I want to be like her. Except for the fact that I don't like to run. Or work out.
But it seems that since it is summer, gelato would be a nice addition to her diet.
I also have been dreaming of gelato.
Coppa Mista.
A chocolate, pistachio, vanilla mix.
Party in a cup.
Joy in a bowl.
A gustatory marvel in a dish.
I had it a few weeks ago with a bunch of girlfriends and now I can't stop
thinking about it. It pops up in my thoughts, like a delicious reminder.
I have told Scott, "I can't stop thinking about that gelato. I am dreaming about it."
He just rolled his eyes and said,
"Maybe you should dream about your husband instead of gelato."
Maybe I can dream about both. A date night with Scott. And gelato. Heaven.
I try to eat well. I don't eat a lot of junk.
But if you know me at all, you know that I don't consider dark chocolate junk,
I consider it a super food. Like acai berries. Or asparagus.
It is my favorite. And I think it is super. Hence, a super food.
In these heady days, since we are living off of the euphoria of having
my mom around for longer, I have decided that I need to enjoy each moment.
Despite the stress, despite the craziness of 4 boys, a church plant, a part-time job,
a writing career, a cat and a hamster, I need to enjoy the sweetness of my life.
Coffee with friends. Kisses from my boys. Laughing at inside jokes with Scott.
Talking with my sisters on the phone. And gelato.
So I am following Beth's lead. Fruits and veggies. Lots of purified water.
And side of carpe diem in the form of frozen dairy.
I think you should join me.

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