Tuesday, October 22, 2013

just let it slide

I am great fan of letting things slide.
Laundry. Dishes. Doctor's appointments. Flu shots.Washing the car.
Washing the children. They don't seem to mind.
But sometimes this approach doesn't yield the results that I long for.
Like life with an empty kitchen sink and children that smell like roses.
It's not that letting it slide isn't a genius approach to life...because it is.
We all have to give ourselves some space to breathe.
I have been thinking I need to be strategic in what my days look like.
And there are a few things I need to start being diligent about like....
Laughing more.
Walking with my friends more.
Noticing the turning colors of the leaves outside.
Finding more recipes with dark chocolate.
Kissing my boys more. They will love this I am sure.
Going on dates with Scott.
Lighting candles around the house.
Laying down with a good book.
And enjoying these crazy days.
And then there are the things that I can start to let go of.
Like maybe I should let bad television slide.
And reading snarky comments on facebook...slide.
I think I should let yelling at the children slide.
Wondering what people are thinking about me? Slide.
Focusing on the negative? Slide.
Irritability? Anger? Nagging? Whining? Worrying?
Slide. Slide. Slide. Slide. Slide.
And maybe I need to think about letting my expectations slide.
Do I really think life is better when I am constantly setting up hoops for myself to jump through?
Because it isn't. I am highly uncoordinated...hoops and me don't mix.
I'm feeling better already.
Maybe you need to join me in the art of letting things slide.

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ChristianMom2Boys said...

Sometimes I read your blog and feel like you're reading my journal. o.O lol Great blog entry Sue! :D