Saturday, December 14, 2013

the dance of the butterfly...for those of you who need a chuckle

This past week I got to go on a field trip with Addison to see the
Monarch butterflies wintering at Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz.
It was a perfect day at the beach...warm and lovely.
But Addison's teacher, Mrs. Juarez, decided that she wanted to add to
the perfection.
After showing a video illustrating the lifecycle of the monarch,
3 parents were called upon to demonstrate the life stages.
Two other parents were assigned the parts of the caterpillar and chrysallis.
I was assigned the part of the butterfly.
Now I knew before donning the costume that Addison was likely to die of
embarrassment. Because that is the type of child he is.
And I myself was a little nervous faced with the polka dot hoody, feelers and goggles.
But I thought to myself...this may be the only time I ever get to play a butterfly.
I decided to embrace it.
So when they called my name I came into the room doing a lovely butterfly ballet.
There was some swooping.
And prancing.
And a finishing curtsy.
Addison was laughing....and completely mortified.
I asked him later if that was his favorite part of the field trip.
He said it was the worst part.
For some reason this made me laugh with delight.
I know from now on if there is something Addie doesn't want to do
I can say, "Now don't make me bust out the butterfly dance!"
It is a negotiating tool. A motivator. We parents can't get enough of those.
When Will asked what happened later that day, I explained my free flowing dance.
He looked at Addie and said, "I would have cried."
Apparently, Mrs. Juarez has been showing the pictures around school.
It is bringing her some joy.
I thought you might be able to use a good laugh today.
Some Christmas insect cheer.
So here I am in all my glory.

You are welcome.


Deborah Minter said...

I love it. Sometimes it is so fun to behave like a kid!

Shane said...

I read the post with only the top portion of the picture showing. I had to read the whole thing before revealing the picture that I knew was going to be epic. I let the anticipation build, then scrolled down and saw you in all your butterfly glory, and Julia and I just laughed and laughed.