Monday, January 13, 2014

mercy days and heavenly day stars

Mercy days.
This is something I remember my Grandma Blakeley saying when something surprised her
or caught her off guard.
This is not to be confused with heavenly day stars which I remember my mom uttering on
occasion as a child.
I think these are better than cussing which is what a lot of people do when they are surprised or
caught off guard.
Not you or me, of course. But other people.
I have thought about coming up with some sayings of my own.
I do enjoy a good sweet hosannas on occasion.
I think if you add the word sweet  or oh my to different adjective/noun combinations
there could be some excellent surprise verbage found there when using the correct intonation.
Sweet corn in the summer!
Oh my hot butter on a biscuit! Now I am hungy.
Oh my sweet night of the living dead! Maybe this is too zombie-ish.
I also think that sweet mercy days and oh my heavenly day stars have a nice ring to them.
But maybe they are more powerful on their own.
I have been thinking about incorporating mercy days and heavenly day stars  into my vocabulary.
The cost of the heating bill this month could buy me a small island in the South Pacific.
Mercy days.
Jack is turning 13 in 2 months.
Heavenly day stars.
They just feel right.
Feel free to use them at will, the next time you are surprised, caught off guard or just
want the people around you to laugh at you.
And please feel free to share your favorites with me.
The water bill is on its way. I'm going to need a good one to say when that arrives.

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Laura said...

I love it! Hot sweet corn in the summer might be my new go-to phrase!