Thursday, September 4, 2014

homework...your joy and mine

photo by Nathaniel Watson
We weathered our biohazard summer of salmonella and the boys are back in school now.
We are in our second week and we are starting to look less shell shocked over the
fact the we ALL have to get up AT the same time while it is STILL dark outside.
The end of summer always comes as a shock to the system.
The free spirit of summer play gives way to the rigor of schoolwork.
The commands of "Go find something to do" and "Go outside and play" have given way to
the re-introduction of MHNC....
Mom's Homework Nagging Chatter
1. Where is your homework?
2. Are you doing your homework?
3. Come sit down and do your homework.
4. Come back inside and do your homework.
5. Nobody likes doing homework but we all have to do it anyway.
6. I know it doesn't seem like I have homework since I am not writing anything
but you should know that whenever you have homework...I have homework.
7. Is your homework finished?
8. Let me check your homework.
9. I know you think that this answer is correct but I am pretty sure the 12 + 15 + 7 does
not equal 9.
10. I know I am not your teacher but I still know how to least I think I do.
11. Don't you feel better now that you have finished your homework? I know I do.
12. Put your homework in your backpack.
13. Don't stuff it in your backpack. Put it neatly in your folder.
14. Do not lay your homework on top of your backpack put it inside your backpack.
15. Whose homework is on top of the toilet?
And we can't forget the ever popular answer to the call from school the next morning...
16. What do you mean you forgot your homework?
I know I am not alone...moms and dads all over the country are wiping hidden
tears at the fact that we are all doing home work again.
But we can do this. We did it last year. We can do it again.
Feel free to use any of this inspiring encouragement with your own
children as you conquer the battle of nightly homework.
And then eat a bar of chocolate when the homework is done.
Because you deserve it....and science fair is just around the corner.


Kendra said...

Hi! I really love reading your blog and would love to put some of them on Pinterest but the link doesn't include a picture which equals it not being able to be pinned. Is there a way around this so that I can post them there?
Thank you!!!

susanna said...

Kendra! I love your idea of pinning the blog! I added a photo so that you could pin it. I will do that from now on. If there are any other blogs that you would like to pin - let me know and I will make sure there is a photo added to them as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

Kendra said...

YAY!!!!! I have several I've wanted to pin so I will take a look through the archives and post the titles.
I'm so excited!!!!

Kendra said...

Sooooo I had to pretty much stop myself on going through the older posts bc, seriously, I LOVE so many of them!!
Here are my top requests for pictures to make pinable please. =)
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That's my starter list. ;)
Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!!!!