Wednesday, December 17, 2014

breakfast conversation at our house is not for the faint of heart

This morning as the boys were sitting at the table eating breakfast Will said,
"Ewwww....someone wiped earwax on the table!"
Now this may be a surprise to some of you out there who have clean tables...
I will just let you know...I wasn't surprised. I live with 4 boys.
I was however grossed out.
"That is disgusting," I answered.
To which Addison piped up, "I like the smell of earwax."
"Addsion, that is gross!" I told him, wondering if he, in fact, was the earwax wiper.
"What? I do."
And then a big grin lit his face.
"I don't like how it tastes though."
Now it was my turn to yell, ."EWWWW!"
All the boys broke into laughter simultaneously.
"It tastes like hand sanitizer."
"Stop talking. Right now."
Two thoughts...when had he been licking earwax and what is the alcoholic content
of hand sanitizer? Was there a need to call poison control on either?
This sent the boys into expressing a stream of ideas of how Addie could use his
ear wax to sanitize the world.
Addie could be to earwax what George Washington Carver was to peanuts.
At this point, I gagged a little and walked out of the kitchen.
Sometimes it is just better to walk away.
I think I will skip breakfast this morning.

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