Friday, March 27, 2015

dreams are mostly impossible

I have dreams on the brain.
I was talking to my friend the other day, we were talking about following our dreams.
We started talking about what we want vs. what God wants for us.
And about our Christian brothers and sisters who are walking out persecution
and even though it is incredibly difficult and heart wrenching,
could that actually be the path that God has them on?
Could it possibly be the path that He has for us?
Do his dreams for us include some hardship?
Because any kind of dreams that I have for myself do not involve any pain and suffering.
Or toil.
Or discomfort.
Or difficulty.
My dreams for myself are feel good kind of dreams.
Think rainbows, unicorns, giant bars of chocolate and large book advances.
But when I read God's word I am struck by the fact
that all of the dreams that God has for those that He loves takes them to impossible places.
To do impossible things.
And some times more than once.
As if one hernia per person isn't enough.
And there is nary a unicorn or book advance in site.
They dreamed the impossible dreams that God placed in their hearts.
They went impossible places.
They did impossible things.
They didn't always get it right.
But in the course of their lives, they became more than they could ever hope or imagine.
If you are dreaming dreams that you can by chance, fulfill in your own steam,
complete with your own talents and sustain with your own provisions,
you probably are dreaming some great dreams.
But they are most likely your dreams for you...not his.
(Welcome to the land of rainbows and chocolate...I look forward to your company.)
If you are embracing the dreams that God has for you,
you will absolutely not be able to complete them in your own strength.
They may bypass your talents and skill set completely.
(Think parting seas and leading armies.)
You will probably on occasion be completely freaked out and may be exhausted.
(Think hiding in caves and saving nations)
And you will be scared.
(Take are in great company...almost everyone who dreams God sized dreams is)
But you will also be invigorated...
lifted up...
hemmed in on every side...
led by the Spirit...
given thoughts and talents and abilities that you have never had before....
and you will become more than you could ever hope or imagine.
His dreams for you...
the ones that He has birthed with great hope in your spirit,
are and always will be....impossible.
Aren't you glad that it is up to Him to make them come true?

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