Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the laundry fairy died

I just got home from a 5 day trip Monday night.
It was on the way home from the airport that Scott let me know that the dryer
had broken.

Luckily, I was so excited to see my boys that I just took it in stride.
I just wanted to hug them and kiss them. That is all.
"Okay. We will call Sears and have them come fix it."

Then I saw the laundry pile when I got home.
(Picture Mt. Vesuvius made out of dirty socks).

I asked Scott, "When was the last time you did laundry?"
He said, "When did I have time to do laundry?"
Jack said, "The Laundry Fairy left when you did, Mom."

We have an agreement...when one of us goes out of town...
it all comes down to survival.
I completely get it. We do what we have to to keep the children alive.
If it takes fast food runs and no clean underpants to keep the Aughtmon ship afloat?
That is how we roll.

Scott had washed the kids school uniforms for Monday and
dried them with the hot iron....for an hour and a half.
He is a dedicated man.
Jack said his pants were a bit on the damp side.

I called Sears yesterday morning to come fix our dryer....
they said they would be happy to come 10 days.

Sweet Mercy.
I had the boys bring all their dirty clothes out of their rooms.
(Picture Mt. Everest made out of smelly towels.)

Too. Much. Laundry. The S.S. Aughtmon. Is. Going. Down.

I had to call in reinforcements.
I washed all the boy's school uniforms and drove across town to dry them at
my sister in law, Cheri's, house.
She is a LIFE SAVER.
The only problem is if I do all of the laundry this way, I won't be done by January.

After driving home, I walked back in the door and told the boys,
"I have bad news.
The Laundry Fairy is dead.
I found her at the bottom of your dirty clothes hamper.
Starting next week, I am teaching you all how to do your own laundry."

It was at this point that the weeping and gnashing of teeth commenced.
Addie announced, "But I am just a baby."
I didn't blink. I just said, "It's time to be a big boy."

Growing up is hard.
I know this because I used to have a Laundry Fairy (my mom).
Then I became the Laundry Fairy. (not as much fun as it sounds)
And now it is time to pass on the legacy. (Welcome to the world, sweet sons of mine.)

Things are looking up.
I have a load of clothes hanging up on a temporary clothesline in the backyard.
It's a sunny day.
I may actually get the laundry done before Christmas.

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