Wednesday, December 9, 2015

let's make it shiny, people

I was talking to my cousin Beth on the phone the other day.
We were talking about life and the state of the world.
How the darkness seems to pressing in at home and abroad.
How so many people we know are struggling and hurting.

And then we talked about Christmas and how it seemed so bright when we were kids.
How everything was good and light and how joy poured on in
in the presence of cousins and chocolate and carols and of course, Jesus.

I told her,
"I am sure there were hard things going on then, too, but
life seemed so much more shiny back then.
Hard things seem to take some of the polish off of life."

She was quiet for a second and then she said,
"I think it is up to us. It is our turn. Now we get to make life shiny."
She is a wise woman.
Brilliant, really.

It is time to give the darkness a little push back.
We can't control what comes our way in life.
But, by jingle, (this is a Christmas saying you should all incorporate into daily living,)
we can choose how much shiny we bring to this day we are living out.

I think being shiny is simply reflecting God's goodness onto the people around you.
Life can be immeasurably difficult and heart wrenching at times.
But if we look close enough, it can be full of joy and hope all at the same time.

Let's fling some of that light and hope into the world.
It only takes a little bit of light to pierce the darkness.

I think the first way we can make it shiny is by telling each other the truth.

And the truth is that you are FANTASTIC!

You are a gifted human being full of the light of Jesus.

My son, Jack, would tell you that you are completely unique....
just like everyone else in the world.

You have an outlook on life and God's goodness that no one else has.

As a child of the MOST HIGH....
You are a joy spreader.
You are a lover not a fighter.
You are a hope giver.
You are a song singer.
You are a soul lifter.
You are a light bearer.

You, my friend, are shiny!

All you need to do is get on out there and be you.
There are words that you can say,
things that you can do,
hugs that you can give,
that no one else in this entire world can.

Let all that Jesus has created you to be unleashed.
And the world will get brighter.
I feel better already.

We have 16 days until Christmas....
Let's light it up!

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