Wednesday, August 17, 2016

and we're off

Yesterday the boys started back to school.
It might just be me...but it seems like the years are beginning to pick up speed.
The summer winged by like a frisbee, fast and light.
It feels like it barely brushed my fingertips and we were back buying school supplies.

School supplies.
Remember when the list just included markers and binder paper?
Now it includes graphing calculators that require you sell off one of your children
so you that can purchase it.
I almost had to lay down mid-aisle in the Target to catch my breath.
The lady had to go get a special key to unlock it.
I have never experienced school supplies that required a combination lock before.

And then there is the deodorant.
A school supply that is not on the list.
I buy rounds of it for the boys. (Deodorant for everyone...on me!)
Followed by the reminders of "One for home. One for your backpack."
I went cheap this round and Will told me yesterday,
"Mom, it's no good. It doesn't work at all."
We need it to work. For the family. For the school. For the world.
So I guess we are going back for another round of the teenage favorite...AXE.
The names kill me.
Black Chill. Adrenaline. Gold Temptation? Really?
I tell the boys,
"This time I got Phoenix...from the ashes of your armpits springs new life."
They never laugh.
But it was either that or Anarchy and I really don't want to see what happens
when they use that.

This is Addison's last year in elementary school.
He is already over 5 feet tall and wearing men's size shoes.
This year there were no superheroes on his backpack.
It's all black with grey trim. Because life is serious now.
He slicked his hair over to side and he looked like a young executive heading off to class.
Hopefully, being back on the playground will loosen him up.

There were nerves yesterday morning.
Will prayed that school wouldn't be too weird or confusing.
That is always a good prayer.
Jack was burdened by a backpack so huge, he looked like a pack animal getting
ready to take to the trail.
Drop off was quick. No lingering. So different from those early years
when I would try to press my face against the windows of their classrooms
to catch one last glimpse of them as they slid into their seats and gazed up at their new teachers.
Goodbye kisses are a thing of the past. It is all about quick waves and head nods now.

When we picked them up yesterday afternoon, the relief was written all over their faces.
It had been a good day.
No major mishaps (besides the deodorant fail).
Everyone liked their teachers. Hallelujah.
And we heard everyone's first day stories. We laughed.
Scott and I encouraged them to be kind to the new kids.
That was them last year.
This year's first day of school could not have been more different.
We got after school ice cream (you are never too old for that!).
And we drove home.

First day of school. Done.
First night of might want to keep us in your prayers.
Mostly, me. Mama isn't ready for Algebra 2.
But we are at lightening year here we come.
Bring on that graphing calculator.

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