Friday, April 20, 2007

confession #2: things happen when I talk on the phone

The real problem is that I am not a multitasker.
I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.....
I was talking on the phone this morning to a girlfriend of mine, Rene,
another supergirl trying to keep it real,
Wandering from room to room when the thought occurred to me,
Where is Addison? My one year old...
It is never good when it's quiet.
I rounded the corner of the hallway that houses our laundry area
And there he was...spread eagle...smiling contentedly.
He was splayed like a sweet little starfish on a pile of dirty laundry,
clutching a pair of his dad's underwear,
sucking with great relish on an old yogurt carton he had dug out of the trash.....
I really shouldn't be allowed to talk on the phone.
This is how it tends to go down in my house.
Speaking of dirty laundry, my supercousin Alys, turned me on to Suavitel...
a fabric softener with an unassuming look to it but it smells fantastic....
I've tried blue and yellow, both terrific in every way.
While on vacation, I happened upon green - Fresh Dew - my laundry now smells like small pieces of summer.
When I went to the website to find the link, I found it claims to be-
Soft as a mother's love....
I guess when Addie felt neglected by his chatty mom this morning
and needed a little comfort he did the next best thing -
he snuggled up to some Suavitel.
Thought you might like to check it out.


Leslie said...

I love Suavitel too!! My nanny uses it and it kicks bootie. It's better than anything else out there. I understand why Addison needs a daily fix.

jenny said...

I'm loving your writings! I SO relate to each of them!!! I too am tired, wrinkly and not so good at multitasking, especially while on the phone! It's fun to read and know I'm not the only one!

Jekissa said...

Do things ever happen if you decide to go to the bathroom with (heaven forbid) the door closed? Well, I did last week and Cade got into the fireplace and spread the ashes all over himself and the carpet. All I could do was laugh and grab the camera. :) Sometimes I wonder how I got here...

Kimberly said...

Hi Sue! It is great to read your writings...your sister Erica has passed on your site. I can't wait until you are published! :) Sounds like I need to get to the store tomorrow and find me some Suavitel!
Blessings from your old friend,
Kimberly Alexander