Saturday, April 21, 2007

all things bright and beautiful

My sister, Erica, is another supergirl chasing after her dreams.
My sisters and I love to is in our DNA.
We love bargains, we love treasures and we love beauty.
We have visited shops far and wide, home decor shops,
garden shops tucked away in sun dappled alcoves,
quaint cottages filled with antiques, early morning flea markets.
It's all about the find.
We enjoy it so much we thought we could do it ourselves.
With Jenny's (supersis #2) connections,
we set up shop at a Christmas boutique.
So much fun buying. So much fun being together. So much fun decorating.
The selling, the taking down, the long arduous hours,
the not as much cash as we hoped...not so much fun.
So we'll not ever ever do it again.
But in the process, Erica, while crafting for the boutique,
discovered something about herself.
She is creative.
She can fashion something beautiful from a word, a letter or a french stamp.
She can take a dream, a vision, a hope
and with a few small pieces of glass and a soldering iron,
form a small work of art that you can wear.
Check out her custom charm site.
It is a thing of beauty.

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