Thursday, April 26, 2007

No chocolate for a tired supergirl

Scott came home late last night.
When I woke up this morning,
I asked him where my chocolate was.
His payment for forgeting to tell me about no carpool on Tuesday
He said there was no chocolate.
Not until I edit my blog.
Scott plays hardball sometimes.
But I want to write my blog and
eat my chocolate too.
I'm going to go search the kids room.
I think there is some left over easter candy there.


Jekissa said...

No chocolate? That is soooo wrong! I can totally feel you with the nappy hair, grungy clothes, trying to send your kid off to school with a smile in spite of the unexpected...but I only have to do it with 2 boys instead of 3! You should get chocolate AND flowers!!! :)

Leslie said...

Dude, tell that psycho clown husband of yours to get you some chocolate. And if he doesn't, I'll come visit!! That should get you at least a pound. :)

susanna said...

Thanks for the support, Jess. Nappy haired women unite! I did find some stale milano cookies and that was able to tide me over. I do have to say that although there was no chocolate he made dinner last was a nice peace offering. :)

Leslie, just know that he may call you and leave clown voice messages on your phone....I think you need to come visit anyway....Since I have all boys there are no dolls around my house. How about next week? :)

Leslie said...

Have I told you how much I love your blog? It makes me feel close to you. Now, if only I could find a corn cob pipe...

upwords said...

There's none in there. ASk me how I know. :::sigh:::