Saturday, April 28, 2007

confession #4: I watch infomercials

I love infomercials.
Especially exercise informercials.
For some reason they hook me right in.
It's not so much the sales banter or demonstrations.
It's the before and after shots.
The testimonials and the personal stories.
I've been known to get a little weepy when
people tell how their lives are changed.
I love it.
And then I buy it.
The Total wary of an entire gym
that claims to fit under your bed.
The high-velocity-suck-in-your-gut-balance-
snapped something internally. Tae-no.
After baby #3, a girlfriend and I were chatting
about the war on post-partum blubber.
I took a deep breath and decided to confess my heart's desire.....
"Have you seen the commercial for Turbo Jam?"
Her breathing quickened, her eyes brightened,"
"I've seen it...I want it, too!"
Turbo Jam.
What made me think that I could even remotely turbo anything,
let alone jam?
But this last Christmas I happened upon the best
informercial I had ever seen.
The before and after shots were fantastic.
And I did cry when the families told their stories.
I wanted in on it. So did Scott.
My thighs are not smaller
but I still feel fantastic about my purchase.
We bought a smile. There are more available.

This is Brigid from Kenya, one of the kids touched
by Operation Smile. Check it out.

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upwords said...

See, we're friends for another reason... I love Turbo Jam! LOL Oh and thank you for sharing Brigid with me. What a smile. :)