Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I think if the word "crazy" got paid every time I used it in a sentence
it would be a millionaire.
I feel crazy.
These kids make me crazy.
My hair is crazy.
Our schedule is crazy.
Sundays are crazy.
This is a crazy season of life.
That is the phrase I say to my sisters, my friends, my husband, and
to no one in particular when I am picking up the same toy for the
fourth time in one day.
But here's the thing.....
We were looking through old toys to give away and
Will said I could give away Buzz Lightyear.
"B" as he was dubbed, lit the universe for Will.
He lived and breathed Buzz and his fantastic flying apparatus.
But this week Will said good-bye to being three
and is a proud four year old.
Jack graduates from kindergarten this Friday.
He recently said good-bye to his second front tooth and sports a lispy grin.
Addison is lurching about, baby Frankenstein style,
one arm in front of him, saying,"Go! Go!"
He is saying good-bye to crawling and hello to walking.
We call him Walker Texas Ranger.
As for me, I recently threw away my nursing bras with quite a bit of joy.
My days are no longer broken into four hour segments.
I am done with the leaking, the inability to find shirts that fit
and I'm definitely done with being a dairy.
But I keep bumping into people
who are a little bit further ahead on the journey,
looking back on what I call "this crazy season of life."
And all they can say to me is,
"Don't miss it. This is the good stuff.
Don't get lost in the chaos. This time is golden."
And in the midst of my daily mess I know this is true.
So as I sit here this morning, amidst my bills
and my half done grocery list,
remembering I have somewhere to be in ten minutes
and I am still in my robe,
I am shooting up a small prayer.
Thank you God for all that you have loaded my plate with.
For babies, meal planning, the tooth fairy,
Birthday parties, growing big, eskimo kisses,
songs sung in the bathtub and electric appliances,
For church planting, dreams of writing, and 3 minute showers.
Thank you for one more day with Scott and these sweet boys.
And thanks for being in it with me.
Even though it still feels crazy.


clements family said...

Preach it, sister! I'm right there with you. Van and I often remind ourselves that these are the "good old days"! Let's not try to hurry through them. Keep up the good writing and reminding us what's truly important. I love you! Erica

susanna said...

Thanks, Erc! It is hard to slow down and enjoy it. But it helps when your sister comes to visit! :) love you, Sue

upwords said...

Oh Susie, it's so, so true. Crazy moves so fast that you almost miss that it's crazy good. :)

You're blogging like wildfire over here. I've got to catch up! LOL

susanna said...

Yes, Mary, it is crazy good. And it is going by like a blur! The blogging is fun...I am however neglecting my household duties, various writing that I should be doing, and I no longer bathe my children....somethings gotta give. :) I can't wait for your next blog installment.