Wednesday, June 6, 2007

potty talk

This week Addison opened the bathroom drawer,
pulled out Jack and Will's toothbrushes and
with great joy, dropped them in the toilet.
At least he didn't try and flush like his brother Jack.
I had to buy the boys new toothbrushes because
you really can't clean anything that has been dropped in the toilet.
It must be banished to the "things-put-in-the-potty" graveyard.
We are diligently keeping the bathroom door closed
because Addie cannot be trusted and no one wants a potty toothbrush.
But ninja baby that he is,
he sensed a window for destruction this morning
after his brother used the facilities
and stealthily crept into the bathroom without my knowledge,
closing the door behind him.
Apparently, it only took him seconds to unload
both new hot wheels toothbrushes plus Scott's toothbrush into the toilet,
and begin happily swirling them around like a toothbrush stew.
What is up with my kids and the toilet?
The funny thing is, in both toothbrush dunking episodes,
he did not include his own sesame street toothbrush.
Coincidence? I think not.
Obviously, his brothers and father have offended him in some way
and he is seeking a pointed revenge,
trying to foil their ability to fight the war on plaque and gingivitis.
And me, I am sure I am not exempt from Addie's plotting.
I am keeping my toothbrush in the kitchen.


upwords said...

Wise woman. I kept mine in a ziploc bag for years. LOL The toilet is like an amusement park for dogs and toddlers. I don't get it. Another great post!

Jekissa said...

Sue- LOL once again!! :) We have the toddler proof doorknob cover on our bathroom door, but sometimes Calvin can't get it open and stands outside the door dancing and yelling until one of us lets him in. There seems to be no miracle solution to the baby/toilet delima. Cade also likes to unroll whole rolls of TP as fast as possible when he sneaks into the bathroom. I guess the upside is that we can laugh at each other's stories. Love you! Jess

susanna said...

I'm seriously considering the ziploc bag and toddler proof doorknob cover - that is good stuff. But I can never undo those doorknob covers myself so maybe that one is a no go. Good to know we are all dealing with potty issues. I feel I am in great company!