Saturday, June 9, 2007

a little more spice

Today I went to a kick off party for my brother-in-law, Kevin Bondonno.
He is running for city council here in our fine town of Redwood City.
He is for families, for fair housing
and all other kinds of upstanding citizenry.
I showed up to do what I could and lend a helping hand.
That's what family does.
So as I'm filling my plate, a friend happens by.
And she says that she has been reading my blog. Enjoying it even.
That makes me feel fantastic.
And then she says she missed a few days
and was reading up on the ones she missed.
And then she says that she read about a certain blog involving spices.
And I just started laughing.
Because she IS the old college friend that had happened upon me
and my sisters in World Market
in the midst of the cardamom-in-the-teeth scandal.
"I realized I was the one you were writing about," she said.
"Hope that's okay," I laughed....
wondering immediately if I had anything in my teeth at present.
"Yes, it's nice to know the rest of the story....
and I didn't notice any spices in your teeth."
I could have squeezed her.
So apparently only Jenny and Erica got to witness the spice infestation.
Sometimes we thank God for his bounty.
Sometimes for his love and for his grace.
And sometimes we are just really truly thankful
that only a few people witness our humiliating moments.
So today was a banner day for Kevin. The following of a dream.
That's good stuff.
And today was a good day for me, too.
Lori only noticed me and my sisters having fun together,
not the appalling amount of cardamom lodged in my bicuspids.
That's good stuff, too.


clements family said...

Okay. How funny is that? You mentioned things that we thank God for...I know right now that I am thanking God that hilarious stuff like this happens to you so that you can blog about it! Erica

upwords said...

Too funny as usual! I hope that your brother-in-law wins. Something really embarrassing happened to me yesterday. I'm debating on whether to blog about it. I haven't quite recovered... LOL

susanna said...

Can you believe it, Erica? Somehow that even made it better. And then Jenny had a piece of cilantro in her teeth today and that made me even happier.

Mary Mary, I have found that blogging about the humiliating events in my life seems to lessen the blow. And I love making other people laugh. And I need a good laugh. So let's hear it.

Leslie said...

I noticed it. OK, not really, but if I had, I would have told you. Because that's what friends are for. Like when a certain friend (who shall remain nameless)led me along when I was blinded by a migraine headache, so that we could go yell at a young man who was mean to my sister.

scott aughtmon said...

lay lay-
What a fantastic friend you are - I know you would have told me about the spice. And if you ever need me to lead you anywhere else - just let me know. :) love, Sue