Monday, June 11, 2007

thoughts on summer

Today is our first day of summer.
This morning we rolled out of bed at a leisurely pace.
No lunches to pack. No backpacks to find. No scurrying out the door.
So I'm taking a moment to pause.
Because I don't want to let this summer get by me
and get lost in the chaos of everyday living.
I have some bills. I have some work. I have some worries.
I have some laundry, some dishes,
and some writing that needs to get done.
I have some obligations, some relationships,
and some dreams that need tending to.
But somehow, I want to remember how to soak up
every drop of summer like I did when I was a kid.
Because I love the rhythm of summer.
The vacations. The picnics. The spontaneous barbeques.
I love the feel of laying on hot concrete after taking a dip in the pool.
The way that it stays light until 8 at night
and the sound of a lazy fan stirring the warm summer air.
The smell of the beach and the slurping of cold watermelon.
So as this summer slips in with its warm evenings and new hopes,
I am grateful for another summer to enjoy.
I am praying for some joy and that God will show me how
to make some space in my days for fun. For being in the moment.
For being content with the place that he has me.
I am praying for some peace to take the place
of the anxieties and worries that suck the joy out of my days.
I am praying for some wisdom as I manuever throughout this season
and that I will be able to hear his voice.
And I'm praying for some grace, a lot of grace,
to wash over me like a wave on the beach,
so I that can be full of God's love,
overflowing with his kindness,
and brimming with thankfulness for whatever this summer brings.

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upwords said...

Beautiful. Fireflies on a summer night still make me cry. There aren't so many of them down here in Florida, but it brings everything back. :) Have a great summer mama.