Saturday, June 23, 2007

a good day

Today Jakob and Lukas came to visit.
They are, I think, 2nd cousins twice removed from my boys.
But they don't know the difference.
Cousins are cousins.
And cousin love runs hard and strong in our family.
It was an impromptu visit which even made it more special.
Unexpected treats are often the most appreciated.
So we decided to celebrate with ice cream.
I led the small parade down to Rite Aid which serves Thrifty's ice cream.
There was some potty talking, some giggling,
some joking going on, like boy cousins like to do.
I reminisced, like the old timer that I am, that when I was ten,
we could go to Thrifty's and get 3 scoops for 50 cents.
Mint chip. Chocolate Chip. Rainbow Sherbert.
A kid's dream come true on a cone.
I saw the admiration in their eyes when they heard
that I could eat a three scooper.
Maybe I wasn't just a regular mom after all.
Thrifty's prices are still good - 1 scoop for 99 cents, 3 for 1.99.
The boys each held a dollar
which rippled like small green flags in the breeze.
When we enterred the store, one of the checkers called out,
"I bet you are here for some ice cream!"
They could see the joy on our faces.
We ended up with 2 scoops of cookie dough, 2 scoops of rainbow sherbert
and a scoop of double chocolate malted crunch.
I think there was an angel named Yvonne at the ice cream counter,
because she FILLED each cone before settling a nice fat scoop on top.
We looked at her with reverence and thanked her.
Each boy solemnly layed their dollar on the counter.
As we marched home, contentedly licking our cones, Lukas turned to me.
"Let's raise our hands in the air so everyone knows we have ice cream,"
he grinned, holding up his cone like the olympic torch.
We were a bit proud of ourselves.
It was a good day.
Because, as you know,
It doesn't get much better than cousins and ice cream.


Gretchen said...

We all came home feeling "filled up"...with cousin love and good food! You're the best. xo Gretch

upwords said...

Cousins and ice cream are the BOMB! What memories. :) (And yes, you are more than just a mom. You're a super girl, remember? LOL)

julie said...

Suz, how perfectly you describe the unbridled joy of unexpected ice cream cones!

On many occasions I remember us all clambering into the bed of one of Grandad B's old pick-ups (totally unsecured in ANY way) for the ride into town to hit the Thrifty's ice cream counter. Pure bliss.

Thank you for putting the smile of my face today and for being a cool triple-scooping kind of mom to your boys!

Jekissa said...

Me too!! Way to carry the (ice cream cone) torch. Keep the Thrifty tradition alive. Our Thrifty's is gone now, but the memories live on. I'm sure your boys will remember that day forever, too.

scott aughtmon said...

i love you mom love jack

susanna said...

Gretch- We were full up as well and can I tell you I can't stop looking at my flowers? Too much!

Mary Lou - I love that you have cousin memories, too! You're quite a supergirl yourself!

Julie and Jess - There is something about shared memories that is so strong! I think a bit of Thrifty's runs in our veins - that and home made peach ice cream! Love you guys.

Jack - I love you back. Let's have more ice cream this summer!