Wednesday, July 18, 2007

confession #8: I've broken down on the information highway

Too much information.
That is what we say when someone oversteps
the boundary of good clean information sharing.
The fact that I have written about my supergirl underwear
could very well be too much information shared.
But I think we live in a world that says,
"If it is true, it must be shared."
Now I am all for truth and clarity
and learning from the information out there,
but I'm wondering, as I go to check my e-mail and
am blasted by headlines and images,
is it really relevant to my daily living that
Cameron Diaz stopped beach traffic with her new bikini body?
Each day I am bombarded with a lot of true information
I could live without.
I know that truth telling is important since it brings about change.
But I'm not sure what it is exactly that
I should be doing about Rosie and Donald Trump.
Even the info that is newsworthy has me feeling a bit shell shocked.
The politics, the natural disasters, the court cases,
the heart wrenching tragedies, leave me bereft over my morning cereal.
Again, a whole lot of information I don't know how to process.
Add to that, the daily information I must recount about my children,
like their names and eating schedules and I am undone.
After storing other bits of random information in my overstretched brain
like my bill payment schedule, how to upload links, family birthdays,
chicken recipes, writing guidelines, which day is recycling day,
when did I last bathe Addie and I am officially cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
I just can't take it all in.
That's when living in a commune in outer Mongolia
starts to sound attractive and right.
I need a filter for my brain for all the info coming my way.
My children need 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day?
That stays in the brain.
Oprah's latest pick for best salad cutlery?
That one can go....but inevitably, I am remembering the cutlery
and feeding my children captain crunch.
So today I am praying for a clearness of brain function.
God, let all that needs to be in my brain be there
and all that is irrelevant and petty be gone.
And please help me remember where I hid the chocolate.
Because that is important information.


Amy said...

Sue, you're a trip! I totally get what you are saying. I wish I could get away with feeding my kid Captain Crunch, but she wouldn't go for it anyway. :o)

I hope you find the chocolate. It would be too hard to send more...I'd have to look at it and know that I can't have any...ever again. :o(

upwords said...

Where is the chocolate? :)

susanna said...

Apparently, I stashed the chocolate in a cubbyhole above the dryer - a little melty but it did the job! God answers prayer. :)

jessi said...

...and if you end up in the commune in outer Mongolia, could you please post the directions?? I'd love to join you!!

Jekissa said...

OK, #1:awake and on the computer at 6:30 am...oh so wrong!! #2:not sure about Mongolia, but Missouri is sure lookin' good! #3:Chocolate=sanity :) I'll call you soon! -Jess

susanna said...

Outer mongolia....missouri...if I decide to take off I'll let you guys know where I land. :)