Monday, July 16, 2007

again with the spices

Apparently, I have teeth issues.
I have known for quite some time that I have a lot of issues.
I did not realize dental hygiene was one of them.
The other night I was out with the my friends Paula and Erica,
and my sister, Jenny, for a night of coffee and laughter.
I was eating a summer salad, without any children about,
and was enjoying myself immensely.
We started talking about my cardamom disaster,
and lo and behold, as we are laughing at me and my predicament,
Jenny, points out that I seem to have a wayward poppyseed,
even at this moment, stuck in my teeth.
I feel myself start to get a little sweaty again.
You see, it is only funny to talk about having something in your teeth
AFTER the fact...
when you are chatting about it AFTERWARD, you can laugh, ha ha ha,
I had so much spice in my teeth BACK THEN! Wasn't that hilarious?
But when someone points it out at present? Not so funny.
The game of hide and seek with the spice in my teeth crevices?
Not my favorite past time.
Then on Saturday, I was with my cousin Gretchen,
we were getting our picture taken so I casually asked her,
"Is there anything in my teeth?"
"Just a little something right there."
My heart lurched a little.
Is this to be my fate?
Food stuck in my teeth?
Could there be anything more hideous?
Jenny suggested maybe my lips are extra sticky and hold things there.
What in the world? Who has ever heard of sticky lips?
And I am sure if my lips are sticky...they will continue to be so.
So I am considering carrying a portable water pick, a large compact,
and reams of dental floss in my purse.
If I no longer am able to give open mouth smiles, don't be offended,
it is for protection of the general public,
to keep them from seeing what is stuck in my teeth....
and perhaps a bit, to shore up what remains of my crumbling dignity.


Leslie said...

I haven't been reading you for a long time, but I can already tell that you rock! I nominated you for an award-- come check it out!

You might want to check your teeth before your acceptance speech and all. :)

susanna said...

Hey, Leslie!
Thanks for the rockin' honor! :) I will definitely do a teeth check! Thanks! Sue