Thursday, July 19, 2007

i love to laugh

We left the DC area three years ago this next week
to church plant in Palo Alto, CA.
For 18 months, Scott worked on staff at
National Community Church, a church that meets
in a movie theater in Union Station in downtown DC.
And for the first time in our lives, we were on staff with
people our age....and younger.
When we youth pastored, we were always the "young hip couple".
Or at least we hoped we were hip...we were definitely young.
I'm thinking we were the old married couple with kids in DC because
all of the sudden, we were at a church
that was 80% 20-30 year old singles.
We wore jeans to church and took our coffee into service.
We learned about Jesus and felt his presence.
We made friends with people who will be our friends for life.
And we had some fun. Alot of fun.
We laughed every chance we got.
One of the things, I miss about NCC is the trailers
we would watch about upcoming sermon series and events.
This week, Scott showed me the trailer for the upcoming variety show.
I wept a little, with joy, to see the pastoral staff being so goofy.
They like to take Jesus seriously. And themselves? Not so much.
I love that.
Thought you might enjoy The Three Amigos


cini green said...

Hi Susann,
Sure do love to read your writings, makes me laugh and I can certainly identify when looking back years ago as we were raising our children.
A big congratulations on your book contract, we are excited for you, a dream come true. : ).
Cini and Bill

Lora said...

We miss you Sue! I wish you could join us for a laugh at the Variety Show!


susanna said...

Thanks for being excited with me, Bill and Cini! So much fun - but apparently not quite as much fun as
you guys had playing Uno the other night! ;) Wish we could have been with you!

Lora, I have to say when I read your comment I got a little choked up! We miss you too. I will be riverdancing with you in spirit the night of the variety show! You're the best!


nina.schmidgall said...

Three years already? Why did you have to remind me of that sadness? I love the stories of you and the boys because I know, even so far away, there is goofing go on in your home. Now, we have a family of our own and there are the same kind of goofing around. It is odd how much I think of you guys. You really set an example that is okay to be silly with your kids! We miss you like crazy, craze.

Just for fun times sake, check out this goofing off:

Mark Batterson said...


Not the same without you guys :)

No rappers this year!


susanna said...

I was laughing outloud watching you. I love your commitment to your dance, outfits and all. You look hot in fringe! Oh how we miss you!

Even though there were no rappers just remember-
You don't need no blunt
You don't need no 40
You just need the Lord and nothing else
No nothing more, G!

Love you guys! Sue