Monday, July 23, 2007

little boys

Today I was talking to my good friend Kristi.
We got to talking about little boys. She has two. I have three.
Little boys are by all means sweet.
There is a special connection between moms and their boys.
The other day, Will was recounting an episode of the Brady Bunch.
He was giggling over the fact that Greg had a crush on his teacher
and thought that she was pretty.
I asked him if he thought his teacher was pretty.
He laughed and said, "Nope. Only you, Mom."
Of course, I immediately gave him cash and chocolate
to reward him for his brilliant perception.
But there is a disconnect with moms and their boys, too.
We are puzzled by all the wrestling and aggression.
They have never watched wrestling in their life but
spend hours grappling on the floor, pinning each other,
screeching with joy.
We are a little worried by their constant desire to be naked.
There is rarely an occasion of someone showing up
at our front door that I am not calling out,
"You must have your underwear ON when you answer the door!"
Followed by,
"And having your underwear on your head does not count!"
And the potty talk is mind boggling.
I would prefer to chat about upcoming events or
talk about the goings on of our day at the dinner table.
Inevitably, our dinner talk always deteriorates to the
subject of gas or some other bodily function.
Addison, who shouldn't have a clue as to what they are talking about,
laughs and giggles with his brothers.
Their father is no help at all in this area.
At some point in the dinner conversation, I usually get up and say,
"I need a break" or "Oh, for a bit more estrogen in this house."
I sneak off to my room and read a book.
But sooner or later, the door cracks and I am pounced upon,
tickled and showered with little boy kisses.
Because they know, even though they make me crazy,
and I don't really understand them,
I will never be able to get enough of those little boys.


jessi said...

I love this is so true!! I am blessed to have 1 girl in the mix with my 3 boys, but the other day when she was gone, I had to flee the dinner table, my parting comment being "there is entirely too much testosterone flowing here...".

I never had brothers, and barely any boy cousins, so the wrestling and naked-obsessions, etc. have been totally new to me, so I'm always comforted to hear this is normal!

I LOVE my girly-girl, but wouldn't trade any of my boys in...I've never known such fun, excitement and there's DEFINITELY no way to fully describe that mom-son bond... I LOVE IT!!

Leslie said...

I've only got one boy, and he's barely walking, but I've got to say that I agree. There is absolutely nothing like it. I grew up practically in an all girl household because my dad was gone so much. So, when I found out we were having a boy, I was like, "What do I do with one of those??" And yet, he's like sugar. I just want to eat him up. So does his older sister...but sometimes I think she has different motivations...

Kristi said...

How encouraging to speak with you about our wild and wonderful little boys, read what you write and know I'm not alone! You are a blessing from God and so good for my soul. I'm so thankful I've finally been able to access your blogs - they've helped inspire this tired girl! Please Lord, I ask that I can receive them when I return to Beijing.