Wednesday, July 25, 2007

real lemonade

Today we made lemonade.
Jack and Will and their friends pulled
fat meyer lemons off our lemon hedge.
I have never heard of a lemon hedge but we have one
or at least we have a tree shaped like a hedge
and the lemons that grow on it are fantastic.
They picked over 20 of them because we were good and thirsty.
We doubled the recipe.
I halved the lemons and the kids took turns
juicing them into a measuring cup.
We made a syrup of sugar water and lemon juice.
Then we mixed it with water, poured it over ice and drank it in.
It was summer in a glass.
The kids came back for seconds, thirds and fourths.
Now I am all for country time.
A little powdered lemon drink will do in a pinch,
throw a couple of lemon slices in and you're golden.
But there really is something to be said for the real thing.
No funky aftertaste or powder particles drifting in your cup.
No neon yellow color or artificial flavor.
There is a magic in the squeezing, the heating of the syrup,
the mixing of the juice and the anticipation of the sweet and sour
bursting upon the tongue.
It's hard work. You have to wait for it. And it's messy.
But the taste is like sweet sunshine.
I guess it is like life.
The more you pour into it, the sweeter it is.


Erica said...

This post reminded me of being at your house...lots of fun, good tastes, good company, lots of laughs and hugs to go around. Made me want to be there with you! I know you are pouring a lot into your life right, writing, church, husband...but I believe your reward is going to be very sweet! I love you, Erica

Amy said...

What you say is true for things other than lemonade. The hard work...the wait...the mess...but it is all worth the sweetness. Thanks for the reminder.

I hope you had a glass of that sugary lemonade for me. I'm enjoying a glass of Crystal Light sugar-free lemonade right now. I'm sure it isn't as good as the real thing, but hey...I've lost 68 pounds, so I guess giving up the sugar is worth it. I think (see above...hard work...wait...mess...leading to sweetness, I hope).

Have a wonderful week, my friend!

susanna said...

You made me cry. :) I believe the same for you. I love you, too. Can't wait to be with you! Just a few weeks and we'll be drinking lemonade together! :)

I drank a cup for you! And I have to say, sometimes choosing life is hard work. But that is what you have done - you have chosen life and the 68 lbs. proves it! :) You are pouring into your future! You go Girl! love, Sue

julie said...

Wonderful and true analogy Sue. Your house does sound like great fun. Thank you for sharing.

scott aughtmon said...


That syrup is REALLY good!!! It made the lemonade "all that, a bag of chips, and a bus pass"! :)

When I got home late last night, read the blog and peeked into the fridge, I was so depressed when I thought it was all gone! I'm glad you had some "magic" syrup stashed away! Thanks!

I love you, Sue!

Kristi said...

Mmmm, think my boys and I need to pour some of this magic lemonade into our lives! Great idea for some fun, Sue. What's the recipe for the magic syrup and lemons? :)

susanna said...

Kristi loo-
the recipe for the fresh lemonade base is:

2 1/2 C water
1 1/4 C sugar
1 1/4 C lemon juice

In a saucepan heat and stir water and sugar over medium heat till sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat; cool 20 minutes. Add juice to sugar mixture.

For each glass of lemonade, combine equal parts base and water in ice-filled glasses and stir.

Makes 8 cups. The base can be stored for up to 3 days....if you don't drink it all up! :)