Saturday, August 11, 2007

what I learned

I have learned a few things this week.
First, I learned that I need at least 8 hours of sleep each night
or I will feel like I am going to throw up...
and along with that, I learned I should not eat mexican food
the third consecutive night of non-sleep.
It only adds to the drama.
Secondly, I learned that if I go to Target to meet someone
without my cell phone, I will not be able to find them.
I learned I will have to buy a mocha in order to get change back,
so I can find a pay phone to call the person I cannot find.
Inadvertantly, I learned something about the world at large.
There are no pay phones.
Then I learned, that if desperate enough, I will
ask a perfect stranger (nice mommy with a stroller) if I can
use her cell phone to call the person I cannot find.
God bless her.
Thirdly, I learned that I am not as handy as I hoped.
A screw excavator is out of my depth. Therefore, if you have
a screw or bolt with a stripped head anywhere in your vicinity,
do not call me, because despite giving it a good college try for
say, maybe, two hours, and sweating through a perfectly good shirt,
the screw will still be firmly lodged where it began.
And I will probably cry, which will just make it all the more awkward.
This week I was forced to recognize my limits.
And it wasn't pretty.
It is always a bit shattering when I disappoint myself.
So as I set my bed time for 10:00 and make sure I have my
cell phone in my purse, I am thinking two things....
One - I am thankful God is limitless.
That his abilities have no end.
And two - thank God this week is over.
There's only so much learning a girl can take.


Marie-France said...

Girl, I feel you. I have felt very limited this week too...actually I am realizing it is a good place to be...we are limited, but like you said we have a limitless God-Love ya..

susanna said...

oh la la jack