Thursday, August 9, 2007

selling lemonade

Last Saturday, we had a garage sale.
Jack had a little lemonade stand set up.
He is a true salesman. It is in him.
He has no fear. He scoffs at rejection.
As soon as someone would arrive, he would begin his pitch.
"Lemonade! 25 cents! Free refills! Lemonade! 25 cents! Free refills!"
This, he would continue the entire time the person was browsing,
sometimes walking behind them as they were looking around.
And while I was proud of his tenacity, a few times I reeled him in with,
"Jack, they heard you, love," or "Okay, Jack, that's good."
But I've been pondering Jack....and myself as a child.
When we are brand new to this world, testing the waters,
we are fearless and mostly we think, people love us and accept us.
It takes a few years of hard living and the horror of jr. high
to convince us that almost no one loves us and accepts us.
Then we spend our adult years, with lots of therapy and tissue,
peeling back the layers of hurt and misunderstanding,
trying to find that kid again,
the one who loved life and looked forward to each day's adventures.
I have recently had the thought, that when we are little,
we are most like the person God created us to be.
Without affectation. Telling the truth. Being adventurous.
I used to spend my summers catching bugs. Shocking but true.
I made best friends in minutes.
I was always moving and could rarely sit still.
I woke up early, ready to play.
I cried, sobbed really, when my feelings got hurt.
I was affectionate and wanted to be cuddled all the time.
I told boys I liked them.
I loved anything that was funny and was curious about everything.
I am thinking that was the real Susanna.
Before life covered her up and toned her down.
And as I watched Jack, with his skills,
hawking lemonade like a used car salesman,
I decided I don't want to be the one who
tones Jack down and covers him up.
I would like to be the one
who lets Jack be the Jack God created him to be.
So from here on out...if he's selling...I'm buying.


susanna said...

thanks mom i love the post jack

scott aughtmon said...

I'm glad you stopped telling boys (other ones) you liked them!

Dick Foth said...

I got to read about three of my loves--you, Jack, and lemonade. What a dandy account and an insightful observation.

I'm buyin' too!


Erica said...

I have to say it rock! You totally got me on this one. Laughing. Crying. The whole deal! I love you and can't wait to read what you have to say next. See you next week! Erica

Shane said...

Sue, I loved it. It's hard to get that time with one of three kids, but it is magical when you can. Thanks for reminding us of simple truths (so simple, we forget them).

Leslie said...


That was masterful. You are the best and we love you and all your boys (including Scott...just don't tell him) out here in Texas.


nina.schmidgall said...

As I was reading, I somehow started picturing the story Scott told us about how Jack was getting baptized and started swimming around the pool. I was honestly laughing good belly laughs sitting here at my computer. I LOVE that kid! He is just 100% himself. Any chance we can protect him from junior high?