Saturday, August 4, 2007

a walk with Will

So I am walking or trying to walk on a somewhat semi-regular basis.
Okay. I've walked 3 times. But it's a start, right?
I'm doing it purely for the exercise benefits.
There is no enjoyment involved here.
I just don't love to exercise.
But I do like how I feel afterwards.
Like I have done something good for myself.
The other morning, Will told me he wanted to go with me.
I was a little tempted to just say no only because
I thought he might slow me down when I'm trying to
burn off some of this baby fat but I thought better of it.
When do I ever have 30 minutes alone with Will? Never.
So we started out, me in my sweat shorts,
which I think I purchased in 1994,
and Will, on his bike, decked out with training wheels and helmet.
We made it to the corner before we turned back.
"I can't make it go fast enough, Mom."
"Should we take it back?" "Ya."
On the way back to the house, Will stops, to pick a
tiny flower peeping out of a sidewalk crevice...for me.
Because whenever Will sees a flower he picks it for me.
Even the neighbors flowers. He's just that kind of boy.
We leave the bike at the house, tuck the flower in his helmet,
for safe keeping and we are off....again.
We are walking...or I should say, I am walking.
Will is skipping, running, looking around, hopping
sidewalk cracks, racing, asking questions....
Will is doing everything but walking.
He is having some fun, for goodness sake,
as I am beginning to sweat and pant a little.
We make it about 15 minutes into the walk
before we have to go piggy back.
Now toting a four year old on your back adds a new
dimension to the regular walk.
We had a chat. We passed by our favorite park.
My knees began to buckle. I put Will down.
Will was ecstatic because we were almost home.
He recognized our street and began to run.
He ran with a easy gait that stopped abruptly by a huge tree.
"Hold on, Mom, we've got to get this big leaf." So we did.
I learned a thing or two about walking from Will.
It's more exciting if you skip.
Piggyback adds to the intensity of the walk.
And you should always stop for the big leaf.
Plus,it's great to have a chat while you're walking,
especially if it's with Will.


scott aughtmon said...

You're an great Mom, Sue! That's one of the things I love that about you.

jessi said...

Don't you feel so much better about your mothering when you realize you made a GOOD choice (like including Will)instead of an EASY choice? It feels like the same feeling when I am actually able to set aside a little cash for's the feeling of purposefully making a deposit.

I totally agree with the desire to exercise, but the pure hatred of the actual act! I've been playing 'Dance Dance Revolution' with my kids...doubles and play time and an awesome workout! I hate exercising, but I do love to dance...

julie said...

Look at it this way, Sue, you can fit into those shorts from 1994 AND you got 'quality time' with Will. Win-Win, I'd say.

Have you tried Zumba? It's a great workout and a lot of fun. You dance your way through an hour without realizing you are exercising. Maybe at the next cousin party we can Zumba!

mdnorment said...

Hi Sue (and Le-le). I googled you and read some of your stuff! It's great. I'm in Fresno again, but will probably move to MN next year. I, also have a boy (he's 2). I don't know what I'd do with a girl. I don't even brush his hair and he's always dirty! ha! He looks like a little skater. Anyway, I cannot get off the last 10 lbs. and it's driving me crazy! I guess that's life. You and Leslie need to contact me. Where are you guys????? Missy

susanna said...

I have to say I like the exercise options that are coming my way - I will have to check out dance dance revolution and zumba - they sound more like my style.

It's so good to hear from you! I love that your little boy looks like a skater - I need to see pictures! Give me your e-mail so we can chat. Scott and I are in Redwood City and Leslie is in Texas. Let's chat soon! love, Sue

mdnorment said...

my email is I don't know what your's is, but we need to swap pictures.