Tuesday, September 18, 2007

gettin' jiggy with it

Back in the day, Scott and I had the moves.
In junior high, during the height of the Michael Jackson craze,
I mastered the moonwalk. Oh, if I had only had some sparkly socks now.
In college, I prided myself on the roger rabbit.
Come to think of it, it is a very unfortunate dance.
It almost looks like you are performing the Heimlich on yourself,
as you thrust out your chest and pop your knees and elbows forward.
I just demonstrated it for Will...
I think I may have thrown my back out.
All he could do was giggle.
Scott, on the other hand,
took the dance world by storm in parachute pants.
He could tut, he could pop and he did a fine centipede.
My sister-in-law, Cheri, is I think, inspired by our dance skills.
That's why she put together a little video starring us at our disco best.
The pictures she used may not be the most flattering but you can't
deny the skill, the precision, the masterful musicality we possess.
Sometimes, tsgs, we all just need to bust a move.

Disco Love starring Scott and Sue

I just found out that Scott injured himself this afternoon,
tryingto show off with the centipede to the kids in his PE class.....
right around the same time I injured myself
doing the roger rabbit for Will.
It truly is a love match.

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