Monday, September 3, 2007

lock down

We're on lockdown here at the Aughtmon home.
Somehow, somewhere Addison caught the stomach flu.
The wee hours of Saturday morning were spent
cleaning up a defiled crib and holding him as he got sick.
Poor little guy.
But the terror that struck my heart was the terror
that strikes the hearts of every mother of more than one child.
The gripping fear that the stomach flu will be passed on.
And you will spend days on end, dealing with buckets and towels,
passing out popsicles and rationing sips of gatoraid.
We thought we made it.
Saturday - no takers.
Sunday morning - still no sickness.
And then I got cockey -
I thought we had conquered this vile foe with only one child getting sick.
I bragged to friends on the phone. I tempted fate.
I lost.
Because all hell broke loose yesterday afternoon.
Jack and Will both starting throwing up - in tandem.
What kind of devil virus makes two children sick at once?
Jack very quietly announced he'd been sick.
Will threw back his head and howled.
I think he takes after his mother.
Thank God, we have two bathrooms
and that it took place in the afternoon...
one night lost to stomach flu is enough.
And now Scott is down for the count.
We are officially quarantined.
No one can come one can leave. Lockdown is never pretty.
We are clawing at walls, hoping for the endless potty runs to end soon
and nibbling at saltines.
The popsicles were running low
so Brett, Jenny and Mom came to drop off rations.
We waved at each other from the two ends of the driveway.
I grabbed a quick shower and am taking time to send out an SOS.
To all you tired supergirls out there....send up some prayers on our behalf.
While I do believe that families should stick together,
I would prefer to not join this party.
I am eating gingerly, carefully,
wondering if my number will be called next.
I am a little hungry but I'm putting the kybosh on a big dinner.
It seems with this flu, the more you eat, the more that revisits you.
I'm praying Jesus lets this one pass me by.
But I'm sticking to saltines and fresca...just in case.


susanna said...

cool mom love jack

julie said...

I cannot even imagine what that is like, Suz. You really ARE a supergirl! Hope the 'bug' leaves you alone!!

Leslie said...

Suebie, we will definitely be praying for you all. And the mom isn't allowed to get sick, don't our bodies know that? Love you. Les

emilymr said...

augh, I feel your pain and fear and trepidation!!!!! Hope the bug is gone by now... because we've got a MOVIE to go to! ;)