Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Confession #9: I'm addicted to Disney

As the saga of bodily fluids continues on here,
one seeks solace in things that tend to take the mind away
from the situation at hand.
While some in my position may prefer to think on things
that matter...like Jesus or social justice or
pry deep into the inner workings of one's soul,
I tend to veer towards the frivolous...like decorating magazines,
or say, pondering the meaning of Disney songs.
It all started when we were searching for some kid appropriate music
for our little guys in the car and happened upon Radio Disney.
Actually, my love affair with Disney really took off with
the show Even Stevens (Shia LeBoeuf is hilarious) and
with Scott catching me fully enthralled
watching Cheetah Girls 2 on our vacation last year.
When he asked me what I was doing, I answered,
"They're in Spain, Scott, in a singing competition. And they're dancing.
Look at little Raven...all grown up! Who knew she could sing?"
Scott backed away slowly... a little perplexed.... a little scared.
It doesn't matter that I'm in my 30's...this stuff speaks to me.
This summer I've had the chance to enjoy a little Hannah Montanna and
witnessed the tween craze of High School Musical 2.
It must be said....I tried to replicate the "Bet on it"
Zac Efron dance in my sister's living room. It inspired me.
The leaping. The pent up emotion released through running and dance.
At a pivotal part of the movie, Zac says, "Hold Up!"
He realized he was being a jerk and he was going to change that...
you could "Bet on it".
Disney at it's best...back to the Radio Disney.
Listening to KMKY 1310 AM, Scott and I were caught up in a struggle
to understand the words to the Jonas Brothers song "Year 3000".

The chorus says:
I went to the year 3000
Not much has changed but they live under water.
And your great-great-great granddaughter.
Is doing fine. Doing fine.

Scott, with his old school rapping skillz,
was upset by the elementary rhyming of "water" and "granddaughter".
He requires more depth from a rhyme master than that.
I, on the other hand, was more undone by the poor math in the song.
There is no way, even with extreme genetic longevity,
that your great-great-great granddaughter
will be alive 1000 years from now.
Having discussed our problems with the song,
we sat back to enjoy its sugary pop goodness and believe me,
if you happen to hear this song,
(Scott has a link to it and other Disney faves on his blog)
you will be singing it for days, irregardless if you agree with the math.
So. There it is. I love Disney.
Erica just told me that this weekend there is
a High School Musical 2 Dance-A-Long on the Disney Channel.
That means they will be teaching all those sweet moves step by step.
I don't get the Disney channel.
That means it's up to my nieces,
Aly and Claire, to tape it for me and send it to me.
I know they will come through for me.
And when the tape arrives, I will be Dancing-A-Long.
You can "Bet on it".


Aly said...

YOu can definitely "bet on ME!" that you will have that tape :)

Leslie said...

That is hilarious. I just forced Barbie to watch High School Musical 2 on Friday and humiliated my daughter by dancing all the way through it!! I used to want to be a Fly Girl, but now I wanted to be a 36 year old member of the Wildcats! Yeah!!

Amy said...

Well, I'm not addicted to Disney, but nonetheless, it is on in our house 24/7, I think. My daughter can probably quote every line from High School Musical 2 already.

As for "The Year 3000", I have the same mathematical issue with the song, and have debated it at length with anybody who will talk to me about it. Most people don't care. Glad I found somebody else who shares my thoughts.

BooMama said...

No doubt about it: Raven has come a long way from the Cosby Show. Oh yes she has.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm clicking back to the main page so that I can see Zac "Bet On It." He does wield a mean golf club in the context of cheesy choreography.

scott aughtmon said...

you go girl!!!and can you stop doing what i post can you comment on my new post on www.jedijack.blogspot.com mom ill' dash you by mama love me jack

julie said...

And have you seen Hairspray yet? I caught a matinee a few weeks ago and cannot get the "Good Morning Baltimore" ditty out of my head!

I think in some theaters, they actually scroll the lyrics across the bottom of the screen so the movie becomes one big sing-a-long.

And Sue, you HAVE to do the motions when you sing a song. It just isn't right without them! I am totally with you on that.

Lindsey said...

sue-per sue,

just left a message on your cell, i want to come over for a dance party. call me when improperly placed bodily fluids have subsided.


Jekissa said...

So is it officially OK to admit as a 30 something mom that you like Disney? We listen to Radio Disney every day...and I like it! And I love "The Year 3000" even if the math is jacked. :) Sue, I hope the flu is done over there. That is the absolute worst!! I totally feel for you. Love you! Jess

Cari said...

We love Disney too.........Our house is full of Zach Efron. We have the posters, even a pillow. We could watch "Bet on It" all day. We love HSM2 and have seen it about 8 times. Have you seen him in Hairspray?
As for the "Year 3000", Scott has had issues with that song for months and he will be thrilled to hear that someone else does too.
Love Hannah Montana too.........Rico and Jackson crack me up!!!!
Long Live Disney!!!!!!

Marie-France said...

I have been printing out HSM2 stickers from the Disney website.
My kids (especially Cade) is addicted! I hum What time is it? Summer time...It's our vacation...
We no longer walk through the house...we dance...

susanna said...

So glad to see the love is flowing for Disney and High School Musical 2....or HSM2 as some of you cooler people call it...I guess I need to get up to speed on the disney lingo!