Thursday, September 6, 2007

here we go again

Here I am, like Rapunzel stuck in her tower, unable to get down.
Okay, I'm not really like Rapunzel because I have a lot less hair,
I live in a one story ranch single family home.
and I've actually been to the store for gatoraid a couple times.
But I feel like Rapunzel.
I am being held hostage by this demon some call influenza,
some call can't-keep-anything-down-for more-than-24-hours.
By the grace of God, I have not yet caught it.
Which, I feel, is nothing short of miraculous.
Thanks for all of your prayers, tsgs!
(new acronym I just created for "tired supergirls"...
this virus is getting to me.)
But sweet Mr. Addison, love bug that he is, is still having issues.
We have a train table with pullout drawers underneath,
that hold thousands of legos. Thousands of legos.
And Addie likes to sit in the drawer and play.
The other night, I heard a frantic cry go up and Jack, call out,
"Mom, Addison pooped in the legos!"
I rush in for clarification, saying,
"You mean Addison pooped, while sitting in the legos,
but all the poop is still in his diaper, right?"
"No," said Jack, pointing to the drawer,"There is POOP IN THE LEGOS."
And for goodness sakes, he was right.
And I say, for goodness sakes,
because it's better to keep the other things I feel like saying to myself.
If you are familiar with legos, you know that the backs of them are open,
tiny little vessels, mini cups, if you will,
perfect for holding small amounts of liquid.
And here I am staring at hundreds of little building blocks
filled with something they should never ever be filled with.
They had to go to lego heaven where they joined their friends,
the potty toothbrushes, from an earlier Addison episode.
Jack was distraught. But he had to learn the hard way.
Mom will clean lots of dirty things but poopy legos, she will not.
The line must be drawn somewhere.
The line I have drawn says, "Say bye-bye to anything that touches poop."
That's just good clean sanitary thinking on my part.
So all of that to say, that today,
just as we are winding down on soda crackers and electrolyte beverages,
Addison loses his breakfast. Literally.
And so we must begin again with the sippy sipping,
the tiny nibbles of banana and the parceling out popsicles
for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And I have only one thing to say.
For goodness sakes.


Erica said...

Although we are praying and taking your situation seriously, let's just say that your account of the situation did provide a hearty chuckle up in Oregon today! Love you Sue!

KatieEWalters said...

oh you my friend are hillarious. I dont know you, but i already adore you. my friend told me about your blog and i am also a pastors wife with 2 little girl jewles on the crown, one 2 and one 3. I will keep reading because what mom doesnt need to hear another one say her kid also poops in legos!

emilymr said...

I'm SO SORRY, Sue. Let me know if you need anything.

And for the record, I would not have thought twice about pitching the poopy legos.

Amy said...

Sorry you are going through that, but thank you for the laughs!

My daughter had the same problem one night in her sleep a couple of months back. That's when I decided it was time for her to move from the small twin bed up to the spare double bed that was living in the garage. Terrible?!? Maybe, but I don't clean many things that touch poop, either. :o)

julie said...

What a hilarious accounting of an appalling situation! I think that a lego drawer would be an extremely uncomfortable place to, umm, "go." Perhaps not for a child though.

I do not know how you do it, Sue.

Cari said...

I am soooooo sorry!!!!! But, I have never laughed so hard as well as also feel sick to my stomach. You are amazing!!!!! I will be praying for you!!!!
Saw your dad and sister today ( for Neighborhoods 50th) as well as your mom (she just got over the sickness from yesterday) and just enjoyed them so much. I want to see you so bad!!!! Hang in there.

Cari Brown (Dunn)

susanna said...

Thanks, girls, for all your kind words, all of your prayers and all of your encouragement! And I will be praying none of this foulness heads your way! Flu shots for everyone! :) Sue