Sunday, November 25, 2007

dance fever

So my sister, Jenny, my friend, Lindsey and I went to see
So You Think You Can Dance, the live tour,
along with 12 other girls, friends of Doreen's, Jenny's friend from work.
Our seats where in a suite. A SUITE. Not the way back in the back seats.
A suite with free beverages. We were living the high life, tsgs.
If you want to see unmitigated joy and euphoria,
give 15 women free tickets to a dance show, host them in a suite
and ply them with unlimited caffeinated beverages.
There was a whole lot of happy going on.
The lights went down. And the people that I watched dance on tv,
were suddenly dancing in front of me.
They were leaping. Cavorting. Twirling. Mesmerizing.
Doing things that only people who know how to dance can do.
And I did what any decent lover of dance would do.
I screamed. And clapped. And hollered.
I lost my voice. There were some tears because some of the
dances were so lovely and beautiful and real and amazing.
One of the dances was the story of the choreographer, Mia Michaels,
seeing her dad for the first time in heaven. He died two years ago.
At the end of the dance they flashed a picture of Mia, around age 4,
holding her soda up for her daddy to sip on.
Now, that's not right. Doing a dance like that for a bunch of women,
hepped up on free tickets and diet pepsi. That can break a girl down.
And then there were just shrieks of approval. For the breakers.
THEY WERE CRAZY GOOD. And the Lion King dance.
It was all I could do from leaping up and swinging my arms above
my head and shouting out something in swahili.
If I knew something in swahili.
It moved the soul, tsgs, it really did.
You can see it on our faces. Joy and pepsi. It's all there.
Me. Jenny. Lindsey.

And then at the end, as we were getting ready to leave,
we saw one of the dancers, Neil, in a corner of the backstage area.
We could see part of the backstage area from our high perch in the suite.
One of the girls said loudly,"There's Neil!"

And he looked up at us and waved.
And simultaneously, we all turned 15 again,
and screamed and waved back at him.
The sound was deafening. 15 screaming happy women.
And then another dancer, Hok, saw us and acknowledged our existence.

And again we were 15 years old, shrieking and waving.
And then we were laughing from the gut,
because we were shrieking and waving.
It was good. Everything about the night was good.
And if anyone ever wonders if you should go to see
So You Think You Can Dance, the live tour,
get there as fast as you can. Because they can.
They REALLY REALLY can dance.


Leslie said...

So Jealous!! LesP

Jekissa said...

That sound sooooo fun!! I loved last season of SYTYCD!! And Niel was one of my favorites! It sounds like your evening was just about perfect. It is good to have an excuse to jump up and down and scream now and then.
And yes, I'm jealous too! :)

emilymr said...

I was just going to email you and see how it went!!! Sounds great. :) My mom gave me all the dirt on the tour (they did T-day with Sara's side of the family)... hehehe

susanna said...

Girls- It was so fun!
Emily- Is there dirt? To me it just seemed liked good clean fun! :)Your cousin was FANTASTIC! They did this one dance with just Hok, Sara, and Dominic - just the breakers- that was amazing. We screamed our heads off. :)

julie said...


(You guys look great too, BTW.)